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Do you need to buy some wreath storage boxes for your holiday ornaments or to store your seasonal wreath?

wreath storage box
Various Storage Boxes
wreath box
Wreath Storage Boxes
wreath boxes
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Not all wreaths are suited for year-round viewing. In fact, many people have one for nearly every holiday, celebration and season. That makes wreath storage options very important. Whether purchased or personally made, they cost money. More importantly, over time, they become cherished parts of home decorating traditions. Having good storage containers means that your wreath will hold its shape, stay clean, and avoid breakage if it has delicate elements in the design.



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So what might your options be? One of the most obvious is a sturdy box. Find one that has about 1” of room all around the circumference of the wreath. Put some bubble wrap on the bottom of the box and lay the wreath therein. Now tuck newspaper, foam peanuts, or another packing material of your choice all around the sides. If there are any breakable elements in the wreath you can wrap them with soft tissue paper.

Put another layer of bubble wrap on top, close the lid, and your wreath is safe for another year. Note: If you store your boxes in an area that might get damp, put the box inside a plastic garbage bag for extra protection.

When you have more than one wreath to store, you can still use the box method. In this case, however, you’ll want to wrap each wreath separately using something like thin packing foam and label them at the top of the outside layer.

Newspapers work as a cheap alternative but they don’t offer quite as much protection. In terms of packing into a box, choose a container that will hold the wreaths upright, side by side. This way when you open the box you can easily see which one is which, slide out the wreath you need, and close the box back up. This is a great space saving tip too!

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wreath storage box
Various Storage Boxes

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Another tidy idea in wreath storage is using garment bags or heavy duty plastic bags. Garment bags already have a hanger that you can attach the wreath to using a ribbon, string or hook. If you’re using a plastic bag, make a small hole in the center of the sealed bottom and slide a hanger through it, securing the wreath similarly.

If this bag goes into a closet where it might get jostled, you can add hooks or strings at both sides, connecting them to the two ends of the hanger. That will keep the wreath from bouncing around a lot. Both options protect your wreath from moisture too!

As you can see, wreath storage boxes are handy items to have and they are not expensive, but it certainly extends the usable life of your decorations!



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