White Peel and Stick Tile- 5 Favorite Finds

My Favorite Peel and Stick Tile So Far


I’ve been searching for tile for awhile now for my mom’s bathroom and ran across this one. Now that I’m home and working on my own bathroom, this is definitely on my fave list. I definitely need the peel and stick variety due to being in an apartment.

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This hexagon shape is lovely to me. It looks so real and it’s a contender for my own apartment bathroom makeover. If you plan on using this particular tile, the main thing to be aware of is that you need a circular saw to cut this! Oh my God.

Seeing that this is the peel and stick type, I can’t really imagine an apartment dweller (maybe?) going through the trouble of getting out his/her circular saw to cut these pieces. :s So that’s the only downside to this one.

Due to this, I’m getting the feeling that it’s more suitable for a house owner instead of a rental. Either way, it will look gorgeous in that bathroom or kitchen project! If you have a saw handy then, go for it.

Herringbone! This is something I’ve also been eyeing for my bathroom. I love the diagonal design along with the white and grey marble look.

Who doesn’t love the clean lines of subway tile. This style is another one I’ve thought about purchasing. It can be used on the bathroom walls as well. 




The arabesque pattern on this one also caught my eye.


The combination of gray and white in this is another favorite of mine. I also like the stoney look to it.

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