What To Do When a Man Pulls Away

what to do when a man pulls away Are you dating a man that has become distant? You may be thinking that things were going so well one minute and then BAM, something changed in him and he started to pull away from you. So what made him go MIA?

Here you’ll find the steps to take when it happens.

What Should You Do When a Man is Distant?

Help, Help! He’s Disappeared!

If you and your guy have been out on a few dates or more and things have been going well, (you’ve been enjoying each other’s company, no major issues, etc., etc.) but he’s suddenly pulled a disappearing act, then don’t worry about it.

It’s normal for a man to sometimes disappear for a few days and rest assured, there’s NO REASON to panic.

One of the most important things to remember about men is that they, too, can test a woman. Yes, women are not the only ones that wonder, “Does he really like me?” Only, all you need to do is replace the “he” with “she.”

And some men, most likely, are not even aware of why they feel the need to disappear on a nice girl they’re dating. It could be anything from wanting to see how she’ll react, wanting to have a little more space or it might be completely unrelated to the girl. It’s possible he’s putting out fires at work, with a family member or is going through something else that he wants to resolve alone.

On that note, you may also want to read up on some signs of emotionally unhealthy men.


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What to Do With the MIA Man

Stay Calm and Don’t Panic!

The absolute best way to handle the situation is to not get too worked up about it. Do NOTHING. Yes, you read it correctly. If you have called or texted the guy and there has been no response back then leave him alone. Text/call once and the ball is in his court now.

A relationship only works when both parties are willing to play together. You can’t be the one shooting the ball back and forth all by yourself! That is desperate behavior. It’s tiring and when you think about it, he is the one that should be chasing you. Not the other way around.

Your job now, is to get busy with your career, school, your friends, etc. You MUST stay occupied and keep VERY busy so you won’t have time to wonder where this guy is and what he’s up to.

Stay Busy With Work, Friends and Your Own Hobbies

What Not To Do When A Guy Goes MIA

Warning, one of the last things you want to do is to keep calling this man, texting him or dropping by his place unannounced. Do NOT DO IT. Why is that? This is because when he sees you calling him like a crazy, mad woman (blowing up his cell phone with texts/calls) he realizes that you are much more invested than he is.

After that, the mystery goes away. He knows that you like him much more than he likes you. This can make him lazy in his courtship of you.

Don’t get me wrong, not all men will automatically take advantage, there are a lot of wonderful men out there, however, in the beginning of the relationship you want to remain as aloof as possible. It’s also important to be aware of those 7 Relationship Warning Signs. Is your guy doing any of these? Beware if he does.

Why Mirroring His Actions Works

When you refuse to give in and give him what he is most likely looking for (tons of phone calls) he’ll begin to wonder why you have not called. He gets confused and wonders, “Is she interested? I thought she was!” or “Things were going pretty good.”

And hopefully, you have not called because you are a busy girl with a life of your own, friends and there are plenty of prospects out there just waiting to take you out.

His curiosity will start to REALLY get to him and he’ll wonder what’s up with you and then that’s when he’ll decide to give you a call to check in on you!

Note: If he doesn’t follow up or get back to you, then let him go. This is the type of man that is not interested in a relationship so you’re better off knowing now that he’s not going to pursue you. You can move on to someone who IS interested in winning you over and someone who will do anything he can to keep you.

Quiz: What Should You Do When He Pulls Away?

What should you do when he pulls away?

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