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ballet skirt style ideas

I love ballet skirts or anything that looks ballet inspired. Have you ever wanted to wear one but are unsure of how it’ll look? I think the trick is to make yourself feel comfortable while wearing it, so if you’re happy and confident with your look then you’re good. Confidence in your sense of style is what matters the most. After all, fashion is walking art! So show yours off to the world.

Whether you pair a tulle skirt with ballet flats, heels or sandals, there’s a special style for you. Find some ideas below to inspire you to create your own special look. Pick your favorite one and please share yours in the comments below! I’d love to know what you think about these.

Ballet Inspiration Via Polyvore

puffy-ballet-skirt-for-women-tullePretty Tulle Mid Length Skirt

This mid length skirt is something I’d wear on lazy Sunday afternoon with sandals.

ballet-skirt-styleOrganza Knee Length Circle Box Pleated Skirt

While not made of tulle, I definitely get the ballerina skirt feel from this one.


Ballet Inspired Via Alynncameron on Polyvore

ballet-skirt-styleChiffon Tulle Bubble Skirt Casual


Ballet Inspired Via Polyvore

Long tulle (or similar material) skirts can work as well. If the shorter version isn’t your style, then try a longer skirt with ballet flats for even a pair of sandals.

Women’s Tulle Skirt


Ballet Inspired Via SheIn!! on Polyvore

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