Vampire Diaries Music Season 3

Vampire Diaries Season 3

Below is the complete music list for Season 3 of the Vampire Diaries.


The Vampire Diaries Music, Season 3, Episode 1- The Birthday

1. Ingrid Michaelson “Are We There Yet”

2. Two Door Cinema Club “What You Know”

3. The Civil Wars “Barton Hollow”

4. Trent Dabbs “Means To An End”

5. Andrew Belle “Make It Without You”

6. Martin Solveig and Dragonette “Hello”

7. Mona “Shooting The Moon”

8. The Kicks “Hawk Eyes”

9. Walk The Moon “Anna Sun”

10. Location Location “Starpusher”

11. Cobra Starship “You Make Me Feel”

12. Ron Pope “A Drop In The Ocean”


Season 3, Episode 2- The Hybrid

Elena and Damon Season 2
Vampire Diaries Episode 2 -The Hybrid Stills

1. Delta Spirit “Parade”

2. Portugal The Man “Got It All (This Can’t Be Living Now)”

3. Smith Westerns “Still New”

4. Joy Formidable “A Heavy Abacus”

5. Jason Walker “Echo”

This is the episode where Elena gets Alaric to help her find Stefan in Tennessee. Stefan helps Klaus start what he thinks is his hybrid army but things don’t go quite as Klaus expected.


Season 3, Episode 3- The End of the Affair

1. Gloria’s 1920’s Band – “St. James Infirmary”

2. Christina Perri – “Distance”

3. Ume – “Run Wild”

4. Gloria’s 1920’s Band – “My Sweet Hunk O’ Trash”

5. Pink Frost – “You Should Know”

6. Snake! Snake! Snakes! – “We Come Out At Night”

7. The Elliots – “Blood Ball”

8. Nerves Junior- “Kale”

9. Birdy – “Shelter”


Season 3, Episode 4- Disturbing Behavior

1. Martin Solveig and Kele “Ready 2 Go”

2. Cults “Go Outside”

3. Portugal The Man “Floating (Time Isn’t Working My Side)”

4. Yeah Yeah Yeahs “Phenomena”

5. Aidan Hawken “Wanna Be Sure”

6. Civil Twilight “Human”


Season 3, Episode 5- The Reckoning

1. “Will Do” by TV on the Radio

2. “Please Ask for Help” by Telekinesis

3. “10,000 Lovers” by Ida Maria

4. “Torch Song” by Shady Bard


Season 3, Episode 6- Smells Like Teen Spirit

1. OK Go- “This Too Shall Pass”

2. The Gods Of Macho- “Black Iron Lung”

3. Young The Giant- “My Body”

4. Arctic Monkeys- “Brick By Brick”

5. Cults- “Rave On”

6. The Kills- “Satellite”

7. Cary Brothers- “Take Your Time”


Season 3, Episode 7- Ghost World

1. The Airborne Toxic Event – “Changing”

2. Empires – “Hitchhiker”

3. Michael Johns & The Ontic – “Come On Come On”

4. Nurses – “Fever Dreams”

5. Greg Laswell – “This Woman’s Work” (Kate Bush Cover)

6. The Quiet Kind – “In Front Of You”

The episode when Stefan is still a ripper but Lexi (the ghost version) tries to bring regular Stefan back. Mason helps Damon find a way to kill Klaus and Jeremy admits that he loves ghost Anna.


The Vampire Diaries Music, Season 3, Episode 8- Ordinary People

1. Foster The People “Don’t Stop (Color On The Walls)”

2. Nadine “Put Your Hands Up”

3. The Cadillac Black “I’m Rockin”

4. The Cadillac Black “Get Your Buzz On”

5. The Cadillac Black “Turn It On”

6. Trent Dabbs “Losing Ground”

7. The Kicks “Shake It Loose”

8. James Vincent McMorrow “We Don’t Eat”

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Season 3, Episode 9- Homecoming

1. Only Children “Don’t Stop (Bit Funk Remix)”

2. Cary Brothers “Free Like You Make Me”

3. My Morning Jacket “You Wanna Freak Out”

4. My Morning Jacket “First Light”

5. My Morning Jacket “Holdin’ On To Black Metal”

6. My Morning Jacket “The Day Is Coming”


The Vampire Diaries Music, Season 3, Episode 10- The New Deal

1. Yuck “Shook Down”

2. Apex Manor “Teenage Blood”

3. The Trigger Code “Come On Let’s Do It OK!”

4. Ross Copperman “Holding On And Letting Go”

This episode was a big moment for Damon and Elena fans. It was the first time Damon and Elena shared a mutual kiss. Wow!


Season 3, Episode 11- Our Town

1. The Naked And Famous “Punching In A Dream”

2. Coldplay “Up In Flames”

3. The Daylights “You Are”

4. Trent Dabbs “False Alarm”

5. The Airborne Toxic Event “Goodbye Horses”

6. Gemma Hayes “Keep Running”

7. Courrier “Between”

In this episode Caroline celebrates her birthday or her “funeral” with her friends. Tyler, despite saying he wouldn’t to Klaus, actually bites her! Is a romance going to bloom between Klaus and Caroline?
Stefan tries to fake out Klaus by attempting to kill his human blood bag (i.e.- Elena) in an effort to get Klaus to remove his hybrids from town. Elena is angry at Stefan and he finally reveals to her that he knows she’s in love with his brother (not in so many words but it seemed pretty clear).


The Vampire Diaries Music, Season 3, Episode 12- The Ties that Bind

1. The Boxer Rebellion “Code Red”

2. The Black Keys “Lonely Boy”

3. Delta Spirit “Money Saves”

4. Diane Birch “Rewind (Acoustic)”

Elena confessed to Stefan that she kissed Damon. Traitor! Am I the only one here who feels disappointed and betrayed that she would do this to him?

Meanwhile, Caroline’s dad tried to help Tyler break the whole “sire” connection with Klaus and it didn’t go well. Tyler (in wolf form) attacked and nearly killed Bill.

Bonnie found her long lost mom who told her she was all out of witch juice. What?!

And the best part of all.. Klaus has his coffins back but Damon removed Elijah’s dagger! He’s back! Whoop, whoop!


Season 3, Episode 13- Bringing Out the Dead

1. Sia “Lullaby”

2. Amy Stroup “With Wings”

3. Jack Savoretti “Hate N’ Love”

All the originals have finally been awakened. What will they do with Klaus now that mother original is back? She said she wanted them all to be a “family” again. Someone tried to kill Alaric and Elena was forced to finish the job to ensure he comes back to the land of the living (his magic ring keeps him safe from supernatural). Damon and Stefan both admitted to each other that they love Elena. Caroline’s dad was “killed” but since he had vampire blood in his system he came back but refused to complete his transition.

Who is doing this.. any thoughts?


Season 3, Episode 14- Dangerous Liaisons

1. The Heavy “Short Change Hero”

2. Mates Of State “At Least I Have You”

3. Hurts “Devotion”

4. Trent Dabbs “Wrap My Mind Around You”

5. Ed Sheeran “Give Me Love”

6. Sugar & The Hi Lows “Stubborn Lover”

7. The Daylights “Weapons”

8. Mathclub “Brand New”

9. She Wants Revenge “Up In Flames”

Vampire Diaries Season 3


Season 3, Episode 15- All My Children

1. The Civil Wars “Poison & Wine”

2. Civil Twilight “Fire Escape”

3. We Were Promised Jetpacks “Medicine”

4. Dum Dum Girls “Teardrops On My Pillow”

5. Ume “Rubicon”

6. Kevin Daniel “Guarded”


Season 3, Episode 16- 1912

1. Gary Clark Jr. “Don’t Owe You A Thang”

2. Gods Of Macho “Let’s Dance”

3. Black Daniel “Snakeskin Heart”

4. Magic Wands “Black Magic”

5. The Features “How It Starts”

6. Aidan Hawken “The Argument”

7. Foy Vance “Be The Song”


Season 3, Episode 17- Break on Through

1. Telekinesis “Country Lane”

2. AWOLNATION “Guilty Filthy Soul”

3. The Kills “Future Starts Slow”

4. Rosi Golan “Can’t Go Back”


The Vampire Diaries Music, Season 3, Episode 18- The Murder of One

1. Sleigh Bells “Demons”

2. Yeah Yeah Yeahs “Shame And Fortune”

3. Alabama Shakes “On Your Way”


Season 3, Episode 19- Heart of Darkness

Here is what every Damon and Elena fan has been waiting for – the real kiss initiated by Elena! So who has the real heart of darkness? LOL.

In this episode Stefan had to go dark side again to knock some sense (hopefully) into Alaric to get his evil alter ego to reveal the location of the super powered stake that can kill an original vampire.

Elena and Damon ventured out of state to retrieve Jeremy and bring him back home. He also catches Damon and Elena kissing.

Meanwhile, Alaric finally reveals to Stefan where the stake is and he (Alaric) goes with Rebecca to retrieve it from its secret location. Rebecca reveals that she’s not Rebecca but mother original (Esther). Esther took possession of Rebecca with her witch powers.

Now Alaric’s evil alter ego has at least ONE friend who will help him kill some vampires.

1. Mississippi Twilight “Starting Now”

2. Civil Twilight “Dying To Be Born”

3. The Strange Familiar “Redemption”

4. Florence + The Machine “Never Let Me Go”

5. Christel Alsos “When The Light Dies Out”


Season 3, Episode 20- Do Not Go Gentle

1. Blind Pilot “We Are The Tide”

2. Caro Emerald “That Man”

3. Sinead O’Connor “You Do Something To Me”

4. Helen Forrest “The Man I Love”

5. The Fray “Be Still”

6. Daughter “Medicine”

“We are the Tide” was playing at the beginning of this episode when Caroline advised Elena to ask Stefan to the dance. “You do something to me” was playing when Elena and Stefan were dancing at the dance. What a great scene!

“The Man I Love” was playing in the scene at the dance when Klaus cuts into Klaus and Tyler’s dance. Tyler has to pretend he’s still sired to Klaus. “Be Still” was playing when Alaric decided not to become a vampire and everyone was outside the tomb. “Medicine” was playing at the end of episode when Elena and Stefan were together in the gym after the dance and she said “I don’t have anyone anymore.” Stefan then told her, “You have me.” My favorite!

Elena takes Caroline’s advice and asks Stefan to the decade dance. Alaric is now a super vampire, vampire slayer thanks to Bonnie. This is getting so crazy.

What did you think about the episode?


Season 3, Episode 21- Before Sunset

1. The Gods Of Macho “Reno”

2. Middle Class Rut “Start To Run”

3. Analogue Revolution “Light”

4. We Were Promised Jetpacks “Act On Impulse”

5. James Carrington “Ache”

So now Alaric is a super powered vampire slayer, who also happens to be a vampire himself. He captures poor Caroline and threatens to kill her unless Elena meets him. Klaus, Damon and Stefan have to actually work together (with Bonnie’s witch power help) to save Elena. Things don’t go as planned (they never do!) and Klaus ends up taking off with Elena, only he knows now that she must die.

Alaric’s life is now tied to Elena’s so when she dies he will too. Damon, Stefan and Tyler end up saving Elena and then desiccating Klaus. Is he gone for good now?

Alaric holds an “emergency meeting” with the council members to let them know what sheriff Forbes and Mrs. Lockwood have been hiding. Question, since he’s a vampire now how will this work in his favor? Won’t they want to kill him too?


Season 3 Finale, Episode 22- The Departed

1. Pink “So What”

2. Low Vs. Diamond “Wasted”

3. Shadow Rewind “Airplane”

4. Metric “Sick Muse”

5. Sigur Ros “Dauðalogn”

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