Valentine Wreath

Buy a Valentine wreath this Valentine’s Day to show off your spirit.

Wreaths are an incredibly adaptable decoration. They can be used for every season from Spring to Winter, or for special occasions, like dressing up your home with a wreath in February.

While it might not immediately occur to you to put up a romantic wreath – it’s one option that expresses your feelings while also beautifying a space. You might also consider giving one as a gift so that the person you love thinks of you each time they see it.


Valentine Wreath
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So what kind of wreaths fit the Valentine’s theme? Well, the old saying goes, “say it with flowers.” For this wreath you’ll want a form that either has water holders for live flowers, or one into which you can wire the water holders.



Pretty Valentine’s Day Door Decor

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A heart form is a nice touch, but not necessary to get the feelings across. You could instead choose a square form for mounting fresh flowers and use the center of the square to house a Valentine’s card or a picture of you and your love together! Weave in some ribbons that fill in gaps along with baby’s breath and some greens and you’ll have a gift that won’t soon be forgotten.




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For those who want a gift that can keep on giving for several years, substitute silk flowers for fresh. This is more environmentally friendly, and truthfully they’re much easier to work with. Fresh flowers tend to bruise when you’re trying to set them into a design.

pink valentine wreath

Hint: if you’ve never made a wreath before a hot glue gun is your best friend. Use this to secure not only the flowers but other elements into your design like cupids or love birds. Remember to include some type of wire hanger on the back for mounting.

A third alternative for a wreath comes from the idea of “sweets for the sweet” – in this case you can pick out wrapped candy that you know the recipient likes and fashion it into a bright, edible wreath.



Pick Your Favorite Wreath for Valentine’s Day!

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Ribbons help with this type of display as you can tie pieces into thin ones, and once again you’ll appreciate the glue gun. Just be careful that you don’t put candies on when the glue is too hot as that can melt the wrapper and completely undermine the whole idea of this gift. Thankfully at this time of year lots of classic candies come with red or pink wrappers to keep the theme alive visually.

To any of these Valentine wreath ideas you can add a string of red or pink holiday lights integrated into the background or outlining the edge. Make sure to put the plug end of the lights toward the bottom of the wreath so the cord reaches. A lit wreath makes a fine addition to windows or dark walls, bringing a little light and a smile each time it’s on.




Get Into the Valentine’s Spirit!

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