Moving Checklist: Top Things To Do When

Prepare for your big move with this moving checklist to start your moving process off right. #movingday #moving #movingchecklist


Are you moving or will be moving sometime in the near future? I’m starting this moving checklist because there’s always something I forget to do after I’ve moved. A big one is changing my address from the DMV! Whoops. I really messed up on this and I hope not to have it happen again.

One of the downfalls of not using my car that often is I really let that fall through the cracks. So, to help you and me, I’m making a list to help with any future moves.

Moving Checklist- Before  

  • If Apartment Dwelling- Put your notice in
  • Request time off from work to move (at least 3 days)
  • Schedule your utilities to be moved
  • Make arrangements with moving company (or your friends/family) to help you

Moving Checklist -After  

  • Get your driver’s license changed at the DMV
  • Forward your mail to new address via Post Office
  • Change address on all credit cards, bills, banks and with employer

What do you do when preparing for a big move? Add your “to do” list below! What’s on your moving checklist? 


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Moving Checklist! Find out the top things needed for your big move from one place to another. #movingday #moving #topthingstodowhenmoving #movingapartments #movingspaces

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