Things I Love

Take a peek at this very special trailer that my little sister created for a fun new web series, “Couch Potato Chronicles.” Anyone that enjoys sci-fi and apocalyptic type shows will get a real kick out of this light-hearted creation. #soproud

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The Goal Tracker App! Since we are still early January. It’s not too late to start setting your goals. I love this app because it makes goal setting easy and incredibly fun. I feel like I’m sort of playing a game, only I’m actually getting things done! 😀 I love all the dynamic charts that update as you progress toward a goal. I’ve got at least 3 that I’m a month away from completing. What are your goals this year? The sky is the limit with this app. Get ready to make your dreams a reality! It’s also free!

Josie in pink

My cat Josie makes the list again. I love it when she grabs my scarf and tries to be silly. 😉

Morning coffee with whipped cream

Morning coffee with whipped cream. It’s not something I do every day, but when I do I’m in heaven.

pretty birthday card from mom

Pretty birthday cards. I love this one my mom sent to me. It just reminds me how thoughtful and sweet she is.

What are some of the things you love? Share them below.

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