The Kindness of Strangers


When I first started to work I used to drive a used GMC truck that had seen better years. It was very close to my heart not just because it was my very first vehicle but it also belonged to my grandfather. I purchased it from him for almost nothing. I knew he gave me a break on it and could have gotten much more for it if he’d just sold it to someone else. After all, it was Texas. Either way, he taught me responsibility because I sent him my little $100 dollar payment every month for at least a year, no interest. =)

I’d been driving my truck for a few years when eventually it started to give me problems. I was around twenty or twenty one years old and knew nothing about cars except to get oil changes. So I just kept driving it, hoping and trusting it would keep taking me to my destination.

I headed to my community college one very hot day and stopped at a very busy intersection. It always made me nervous, mostly because the freeway was right in front and the area tended to get congested. The exit from the freeway was on the left and the entrance to the right.

The traffic light turned red and I stopped. I waited with two cars in front of me and cars piling behind me, all of them waiting for the light to turn green, and ready to speed off to their destinations. All of a sudden, my truck sputtered and then turned off! I turned the key and the engine revved weakly but didn’t turn on.

I checked the traffic light and thankfully it was still red so I turned the key in the ignition over and over again with no luck. My heartbeat raced and I glanced frantically at the light that was sure to turn green at any second. I glanced in my rear-view mirror, a long line of cars formed behind me, all ready to move at a moment’s notice. I looked forward and the dreaded green light appeared and my heart fluttered in my chest rapidly. I had no idea how to get my truck to move.

The cars in front of me moved on and sped off and to my horror my truck still wouldn’t turn on. I sat frozen in my immobile car, panicked and glancing around. Cars honked behind me and I took that as my cue to put on my hazard lights.

I sat in my car for what felt like forever as the light cycled once again to red and green all over again. A gas station was to my left and I thought if I could just get my car over there, somehow, at least I’d be safe and out of the way. Suddenly, a man and a woman crossing the intersection came into view as they headed toward my stalled truck. They offered to help me push my truck out of traffic. Their smiling faces were like a miracle from nowhere. The man helped to push me out of the way as the lady stood in the street to guard against any oncoming traffic.

When I was safely out of the busy intersection, I thanked them both. I was so incredibly grateful to them. We waved goodbye and parted ways. I will always remember those two people and how kind they were to help me that day.

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