The Capricorn Man Book

Capricorn man a guide to understand your man

Are you ready to get to know your Capricorn love interest? Whether you’ve known your Capricorn for a few weeks or many years you’ve probably had your moments of frustration with him, right?
Have you wondered why he withdraws and needs his “space”?

For instance, when he disappears where does he go to? What’s the motivation and the real reason behind him pulling away? Doesn’t he even know how much it hurts, is he punishing you for something you’ve done?

If you’ve felt the love of a Capricorn then you might be feeling the bitter, cold sting of your man’s withdrawal from you. Whether it’s emotionally or physically (or both), it’s something that can hurt, especially when you don’t know why it’s happened. It doesn’t have to be so confusing.

How do you know if this man cares about you or even loves you? Is he faking it? While it’s very true that Capricorns are not the most verbal of sun signs, they still love like everyone else and have to express their feelings. Eventually, if you wait him out, he will reveal himself to you if he hasn’t already.

How do they do this? The key to “getting” your Capricorn is to understand him on a much deeper level and get to know how he personally expresses his emotions.

What Does He Need?

Your Capricorn man is as unique as they come but there are some things to keep in mind when dealing with him. For instance, he’s not likely to just come out and ask you for help. So what do you do to make it more likely that he’ll ask you or at the very least know you care?

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How to Captivate Your Capricorn Man

What is one of the most important things you can do to captivate your Cap man? How can you show him you’re someone very special that deserves a second glance. It’s easier than you might think and pretty simple but it shouldn’t be underestimated. Find out in Chapter One!

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Capricorn man a guide to understand your man

Venus in Capricorn

What is up with your Capricorn with Venus in Capricorn? How does a man with this position show his love? Does your man have this position? If so, this guy doesn’t show his love in a bold and romantic way but he has tons of staying power and can be incredibly romantic yet reserved. Does YOUR Cap man have this position? Find out by purchasing here.

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How to Attract a Capricorn Man

What are some of the things you can do to attract your cappy? Things such as how you dress, how you comport yourself while in public and how you treat others are all things to consider here. Your Capricorn is watching you and studying (even from afar) how you handle these situations from work to social scenes.

Capricorn Man in Bed

Is this guy serious all the time? Does he ever let loose? What are some things to be aware of? Should you sleep with him too soon, you risk putting budding romance at risk. Find out why and where he may be coming from.

Why Has He Pulled Away?

There’s usually always an explanation. Whether it’s a few days, a week or more. Get to the bottom of his behavior on why he’s disappeared and what it might mean.

The Capricorn Man in Love

How does this man behave when he’s in love? What are some of the signs to look for and to know that he really loves you?
Why doesn’t he say, “I love you,” even after you’ve told him? Why is he holding back?

What Not to Do With A Capricorn

What are some of the things that Capricorns dislike in a partner? Are you doing them?

“Help! All I did was tell a joke and now he’s mad at me. What did I do wrong?”
“Did I hurt his feelings?”
Is it really that bad? Find out why it’s important to stay in tune with your Capricorn and how to make sure his needs are met and how to do it!

“The Capricorn Man – A Guide for Women”

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34 thoughts on “The Capricorn Man Book

  1. I have been in a relationship with a 28yo capri man for 2 months now. We meet only on the weekends. I like how he is dedicated and drives all the way to my town for 2 hours just to see me and spend time together for 2 days. Last week we did the same it was the 7th time we met and spend the night together. Everything was good and he kissed me before he went off but the next day he stopped texting me. He has never ignored me for more than a day. When i texted him he was so cold but i figured i should give him the space as he told me he is very busy at work. I only text him at night after his work time asking how was his day and told him to rest well, never did i ever ask him why is he acting like this because i dont wanna stress him. He would reply but with one or two words. He has been busy with work since the day we met and never stop contacting me before this. What is happening and should i keep doing what i’m doing, text him every once a while and encourage him, or he has decided to pull away for good? His birthday is dec24 and please let me know more about people whos born on this day. Thank you.

    1. Work is of the utmost importance and usually takes priority so him being “cold” might be attributed to that. It’s hard to tell though. What did he say to you to make you think this and how long has it been since you spoke to him?

      1. It was on 31st july he left and then stop contacting me the next day. He has always been busy at work but he had never fail to ask about my day when he has the time. So the day after i texted him asking what happened and im worried. He replied everythings good im just very busy. He also stopped calling me baby and thats how i know he is pulling back. I read on some posts which suggest if capri guy is pulling back try to stay with him and be sure to let him know youre there whenever he needs. He want to feel wanted and feel that youre worth fighting for. So i’ve decided to text him only at night asking if he is okay or anything i can help? and he always replies ‘fine’ or ‘just tired’.

        I should also share with you what happened last weekend. The first day went well except i was having problems on deciding where should i bring him to eat and spend time. Normally i pick an option quick and we are good to go. But this time i let him pick. Im not sure if he dislikes my act of indecisiveness. I also got a little mad and ask him why cant he open up to me and tell me what he likes and dislikes. He told me im fine with anywhere as long as there is you. Do you think he dislikes how i forced him to be open up a bit?

        Another thing is that he paid for my stuff when we were shopping and it was the first time. Usually i paid on my own but this time i told him i didnt have enough cash. He seem okay when he was paying but i’m not sure if he dislikes it. So last night when i texted him i also told him i want to return him by buying him meal next time. He clearly avoided my offer with no reply.

        Lastly i feel that he dislikes how i was being a little needy and clingy throughout the weekend. Normally he would initiate no matter it is to hold my hand, to kiss or to do anything very intimate. This time i figured maybe i can be initiative too sometimes but at the end of the day he was kind of reluctant to be that close to me anymore. I dont know if i am wrong but i just wanted to let him know i appreciate his presence. I’m not sure if i’m doing the wrong way to a capri man.

        Anyway, what’s done is done.. Now i’m just confused if i should continue to care for him and let him know i’m here always or just let go.. We met online and we both were single for almost 2 years before this. We both agreed that it was magical how we clicked when we first met because we both aren’t easy to fall in love with someone and he cared for me so much since then. I dont want to let go this easy but if a capri man is acting like this how can i let him be interested again? Should i talk about it or give him time?

        1. Hello Shermaine,

          I didn’t see it mentioned, but how long have you two been dating? Normally, I wouldn’t be overly concerned if it’s only been a few days of no/little contact. Capricorns can get very wrapped up in work and I imagine it can be quite stressful on him if he’s had a bad week or was very busy. I’d only be concerned if he’s using it constantly to excuse his lack of communication with you.

          I’d play this one by ear, Shermaine. To me, it just sounds like he’s had a busy work week! I don’t think he’d be upset about helping you out by purchasing your clothes when you were shopping. I wouldn’t expect for him to say, “yes pay me back.” He probably already assumes you’ll do what you said and treat him to dinner/lunch so there’s no need to respond or remind you of it. I know it’d be nice to hear something but it probably was a non-issue for him hence the lack in replying to you about it. Just follow through with what you told him.

          If he’s had a bad day, the best way to respond is to be supportive and listen. Mostly, Caps that are stressed out need a sounding board because every once in awhile all that stuff needs to come out with people we really trust. I think everything else seems normal to me. Don’t stress yourself.

          I would advise to just carry on as you usually do. It’ll probably sort itself out in a few days. Just give him some time and he’ll right himself.

          1. We have been dating for almost 3 months now. He had never skip a day without texting me first, no matter how busy he was. I’m quite sure something from the weekend made him stopped caring all of a sudden. Carry on as in continue to send some texts to show i care or just leave him alone? He still responds to my texts but always with few words to cut it off.

          2. I mean to carry on as you usually do with texting/etc. Make sure he’s initiating as well, it shouldn’t be all you responding you him.

  2. Hi there. I’ve been dating a man for about 2 1/2 months whom I like quite a bit, and been struggling to come to terms with my anxiety when I don’t hear from him in between our communications/dates. The fact that he is not quite through a divorce (hopefully done by this coming October), coupled with the fact that he is a Capricorn man who fits your description perfectly might explain his behavior, and I am very interested in hearing your thoughts as I hope for him to increase his interest and communication with me going forward. He is a lovely, sensitive man and I’d very much like to get closer to him.

    We met online and each and every time we have seen and spoken to each other he has initiated. I have played it very cool and not pursued him at all; letting him lead in every way, but gently encouraging him in little ways. We have seen each other only 6 times in the last 10 weeks, during which time he has had to travel quite a bit for work, had family in town, and had to move; all of which took his attention and focus away from me, although each time he has been busy with his life he has checked in approx. every 3 to 7 days to set up the next phone call or date (he often emails, which is somewhat strange, but he says he likes to do it as opposed to texting if he has a longer thought he wants to convey or it is not a convenient time to text). He has also been a gentleman and not tried to go to far physically. He is quite different than most other men in this way. From what he has told me, he came from a very conservative, traditional background, so that could be a factor. I am unaware of other relationships since his separation from his wife as we have not discussed it. There was one time he came to my home for dinner and we made out but he did not push me for sex at all and was very, very caring and kind, and in our intimate time he told me he felt very “safe” with me. The next time we were together he did not try to take me home, which was puzzling to me as I assumed things would advance naturally from the past time. All I could think was that he was overtired as he had taken a red-eye flight that morning and yet made plans to see me that night and it was already 1am when we parted ways. I know he is attracted to me because of the way he talks to me, the way he touches me when we are together, the way he holds my hand, strokes my back and has told me that I am beautiful. His compliments are few and far between, but I know he means it when he says it.

    On several occasions, during our discussions he has told me, completely unsolicited that he is looking for a long-term serious relationship; one which has a true emotional connection, which is something he admits he has not really had in his life. I recently was divorced as well, and so this is something we share, and it is kind of nice being able to talk about our respective experiences and what we are looking for, although the conversation has circled around in general terms, not specifically about “us” yet. He also shared with me some very personal things about the breakdown of his marriage, which must have been difficult for him to do but I was very pleased that he felt comfortable enough to share with me.

    Another thing which has set him apart from other men I have dated is that he has taken a true interest in my passion, which is my music. I am a singer and I perform regularly. He asks me a lot of questions about it, letting me know he is quite admiring of my talent and pursuit of my dream and we have both brainstormed together about our respective careers. Due to his schedule, he only just came to hear me sing for the first time last week, however he brought along two of his best guy friends to hear me! I was very touched that he made the effort to invite them and that they came such a long way to the venue I was performing in to do so.

    One of the best parts about our times together is that we have done a huge variety of things and had a lot of fun. In fact, none of our dates have been the same! Aside from the last time I saw him, which was at my performance where he got to hear me sing for the first time I also met one of his best friends on our previous date, when we decided to go from the restaurant after having an intimate dinner together to a bar where some of his friends were. At this bar someone asked us how long have we been together, and his reaction was a bit awkward, as if he was uncomfortable with the question, which was a tad upsetting to me, but we both laughed as it was not the first time that someone had commented that we looked like a couple. Another thing which happened which I felt awkward about was that in the car ride to this place I was trying to think of a way to let him know I’d like to see him more without being needy, and so I said casually, “it is so fun to see you…it would be so fun to see you more often!” He sort of giggled, and said something like, “We’ll do it…” (I took that to mean, “We’ll get there.”). It was not the most encouraging response, but I suppose it makes sense from someone who is taking their time to get to know me. Hoping that his less than enthusiastic response to both of these scenarios might be explained by his cautiousness…

    Now, if I were to go by typical dating advice, and with regard to “typical” male behavior in early dating, one would say that within 2-3 months, if the guy is not contacting me much more often and making time to see me more frequently, he is not that interested. This is what dating experts will say, as well as my girlfriends who are puzzled by him. However, looking at the big picture I have not pursued him at all; rather he has been consistently getting back in touch with me, albeit very slowly and making the time to see me and NOT tried to push things physically. We have had a lot of fun together, and he has told me how much fun he has had. I don’t feel that I am in the friend zone because of the way he holds my hand and touches me when we are together, and ultimately we kiss passionately at the end of our dates, etc. I keep trying to determine what I am losing here if I just sit patiently, other than the fact that I get very anxious in between when I hear from him as he does not typically set up the next date right away so I have no idea if/when I will see him again. One thing worth mentioning is that he has not been on the dating site where we met since we started dating; he told me he disliked the online thing and I have checked consistently to make sure his profile is not active. He is also not on any other sites as far as I can see. Who knows if he is seeing anyone else; I have not asked him and I don’t plan to unless we discuss having sex. I, however have gone on a few dates occasionally to get my mind off him, which I think is reasonable as he has not outwardly progressed his interest in me just yet. I am hoping he will! In talking to him about his time and general schedule, he has expressed a bit of concern for his needing to travel for work, as if it were coming in the way of seeing me…however I do not feel it to be a problem if he were to stay in contact in the meantime. I have not been direct with him about this yet, as I do not want to push the issue.

    Since I saw him at my show, he has texted and emailed me a couple times in the past week to check in, saying “talk soon” xoxoxo at the end but has not called yet. I responded that I would love to talk soon, and that “I am here ;-)” hoping he would get the hint as he has always come through in the past. I am frustrated he doesn’t just pick up the phone but each time I think about possibly contacting him he winds up contacting me and I am hoping he will soon. I am of course over-thinking everything in the meantime, wondering if my singing put him off in any way, which would be very strange as he was so excited to come hear me and was fully prepared to love it, which he did and told me so.

    One last thing; I checked to see if he is Venus in Capricorn and I think it might be! I am hoping that you can double-check for me, and let me know your thoughts (hopefully encouraging ones). His birthday is January 16th, 1970 and he was born in, New York, USA most-likely. From what you’ve said about Capricorn men these guys can be so slow as to cause women to get bored or frustrated with being in the dark and having to be so patient for the man to decide he wants a relationship. To be honest, though patience is one of the characteristics I do possess. In addition, I really do feel that although the pace is painstakingly slow, things seem strangely different than with other men I’ve dated in a good way, because it’s as if we are really taking our time to get to know one-another! This is all due to him; if it were up to me we’d be in a relationship by now, and perhaps it would be too soon, given the fact that he is not yet divorced.

    Thank you so very much for reading through this!

    1. Hello Isabel,
      Thank you for your comment! Yes, I double checked and he does have Venus in Capricorn so he will be very cautious and slow in love. This position will make him take his sweet time and they also take love/romancing someone **very, very** seriously. These type of people want a stable, solid, secure partner and the slow way they approach love is how they determine whether they want to move forward or if the person has what it takes to go the distance w/ them. The ones that don’t stick around or get bored or tired of his very slow pace will easily eliminate themselves. The time he’s taking with you seems very normal to me. It sounds like you’re patient and are heading in the right direction with him! It does NOT sound like you are in the friend-zone if your nights are ending with passionate kisses. 😀 That sounds nice to me!

      You also said he’s contacting you regularly or “checking in” which is a very good sign. He may not act like a “typical male” by today’s standards. His method might be more traditional or some would say, “old fashioned.” He’ll be a true gentleman which can really floor people that aren’t used to it or just don’t know what to make of it. Ex: Why hasn’t he made the moves on me yet? Why hasn’t he pushed for sex? Does he like me? etc. Don’t worry about that right now. Because , if he’s doing everything you say, then he likes you! 😀

      When I think of Venus in Capricorn, I picture people my grandparent’s or great grand parent’s age and how they would romance others. If you keep this in mind that may help a bit with how he’s approaching you. No, he doesn’t set up the date right away, but the delicious anticipation of waiting for the tension to build up to the NEXT encounter is sort of exciting, I think. He might be enjoying that part of it and relishing in those days where there’s no contact between you two. Absence makes the heart grow fonder, imo. That might be a Cap motto or something. 😀

      In addition, he has his moon in Taurus (earth) so even slower emotionally but also very sensual and one that really enjoys the romantic and courtship aspect of love, touching you, etc. His moon will make him very chivalrous and gallant, I think. Very nice combination, in my opinion!

      To answer your question, you’re not loosing anything by taking it slow. He’s getting to know you at the most important level and forming a bond with you by not jumping into the sexual aspect of the relationship.

      Regarding his reaction at the bar when asked how long you two had been together, I’d say that yes, it’s sort of awkward when neither of you have even discussed what you are just yet. I think it seems like he didn’t want to be presumptuous of where you two were and assume. It sounds like that comes from his Venus in Cap. It could be he’s not quite ready to define that JUST yet, or so it seems I wouldn’t be alarmed by this or overthink it. You’re doing just fine and I think this sounds very promising.

      Also, keep in mind that he’s about to be newly divorced so he will be extra cautious and want to really get to know you. You’re both wise to go slow.

      1. Hi Jeanne: Thank you so much for your response. It’s reassuring. My only remaining questions have to do with when/if I should contact him, which I’ve really never done out of turn, and the lack of increase in time spent in contact. Last weekend he sent me a quick email, and at the end, “Talk soon” xoxoxo. I replied, “Love to talk to you soon, I’m here ;-)” I hoped he would have contacted me by now, and I’m wondering if it’s fine, in this instance to text him this coming weekend just to say I’m thinking about him and hope he had a great week or something. At what point is it ok to reach out? Or do you recommend sticking to the approach of waiting for him to contact me still? I’ve heard other guys say they will get tired of doing all the initiating and want the woman to make an effort at some point. I know he knows I like him because last time I said it would be fun to see him more often…I put it out there, and he reacted a tad awkwardly, but I suppose that would make sense if he is still testing the waters. He knows I’m interested, I’m pretty sure. Lastly, his pattern seems to still include long spans of time between contact and dates. There has been no increase in frequency yet after 2-1/2 months. Does this seem normal to you?

        1. Hi Isabel,
          I’d definitely contact him. Not only is it encouraging to hear from you but it shows him you’re really interested. I think with Venus in Capricorn there can be a lot of caution/fear of rejection etc. They want to know it’s safe to proceed. Everyone has this, of course, but it can make someone move even slower (out of caution). Just a thought. I think it’s good to reciprocate, the back and forth of you calling then him calling might really help to increase the contact time between you two, but keep in mind, he’ll still be slow. If he’s uncomfortable with the frequency, his responses might be delayed. 6 times out of 10 weeks sounds normal to me. Actually, considering he’s been out of town/traveling, it sounds very good to me. I would only be concerned if he stops reciprocating/calling you and making the effort to see you.

          1. Hi Jeannie: Thanks so much for your advice! Since your last message I’ve seen him a couple of times and I have not had to pursue or call him at all except in response to his communication. He is continuing to make efforts to see me, and in fact he asked me out for my birthday which was very sweet and fun.

            He is still perplexing me, though and I’d love to have some more encouragement and clarity from you, if possible. As I mentioned before we have not been all that intimate yet, and although things seem to be progressing as we’ve seen each other more and more the last time we were alone together I could tell he was holding back physically. I asked him about it and he said something to the effect of wanting to make sure I was “ready,” which was in reference to what I had told him the last time about wanting to get to know him better first. I stated that I wanted to make sure he is not seeing anyone else before we have sex. I told him that I am attracted to him and that I am not trying to convince him of anything regarding a relationship, however I will need exclusivity before we have sex. This led to a discussion, again about what we are both looking for, and he clearly stated that he agrees with me and is looking for the same. I told him outright that I am looking for a boyfriend and to let me know if I am wasting my time because I want only to invest my time in someone who is also looking for something serious. He says he is enjoying the process of getting to know me better and is wanting the same. He was very clear and direct about what he wants and says he thinks we both want the same, but still was not talking directly about wanting all of this with ME! It felt very good to hear he wants the same, but at the same time, a bit evasive. I’ve seen him once since then, at his house to help him organize some furniture and he was very sweet and brought out wine and cheese, but still no moves made on me.

            The previous evening when we had the discussion about sex he did say that he feels any type of intimacy is the same as sex in his opinion, which I don’t necessarily agree with, but that is why, I suppose he is not pushing for much at all. This is so confusing to me, because he is wanting me to be “ready” but has not made it clear that he is not seeing anyone else or that we are exclusive yet.

            One thing I find odd about him is that he primarily emails me to make plans – so formal! I often respond by asking him to give me a call to firm things up which is always does and we have a nice discussion. I have no idea why he doesn’t just pick up the phone and call or text me. I did call him one day when he wasn’t expecting it and he said it was a surprise, but then later he said he liked it because it was unexpected. But still, he emails me! Strange.

            We have plans to go to the beach this week, and so it continues…so confused! It feels on the one hand like the ball is in my court regarding intimacy, but then again he has not made it clear we are headed for a relationship other than his continued interest in seeing me, so it’s not like I can give him the green light until he makes it clear to me that he wants a relationship because that is what I have told him. He doesn’t communicate with me every day, maybe every 2 or 3 at this point even though I would like to do so more often.

            Another minor thing worth mentioning which I learned about him recently which he had not told me in all of our previous dates is that he had a 2 year relationship during the beginning of his 3 year separation. To be honest, we didn’t talk much about our previous relationships except for our marriages because we are both divorced (he is almost divorced). I was a bit surprised, all this time I figured his divorce might be inhibiting him from getting close, but lo and behold he had a long-term relationship. He told me that he had been dumped and it hurt him. My reaction was mixed because I couldn’t understand why he had not mentioned it before, but on the other hand I found myself a bit relieved because I am not the first woman he has been interested in post-marriage, which I think is a good thing.

            Thoughts on all of this? I feel like a ship without a rudder, but when I am with him I have a great time and still, I keep thinking how much I am enjoying getting to know him, albeit super, duper slowly……

            Thank you so much!

          2. Hello Isabel,
            As far as his mode of communication to you (emailing to set up dates), some Capricorns might find it easier to write out their thoughts rather than express them verbally. This is not the most communicative sign of the zodiac. That might explain the emails to you a bit better. Emailing is also easier than texting a lengthy message which is probably why he’s choosing it. He’s more comfortable with it. Just a guess.

            As far as your terms about exclusivity before sex, since that’s important to you then remain FIRM about them. Whenever talks go that way, reiterate that and why it’s important to you. He will respect that. Be very clear and firm, which it sounds like you are and you’ll eventually get there with patience.

            Also, if he was in another relationship prior to you, then I can see why you’d be relieved. No one wants to be the rebound. I see it as a good thing as well.

            The 2-3 days in between talking sounds pretty normal to me, I’m afraid. :S As you become more comfortable, you could try to encourage him a little more (playfully) and give him a nudge that you’d like to hear from him a bit more.

  3. Hi Jeannie,
    I’ve been in the courting phase with a capricorn for almost a year. We met through one of his family members. Our courtship has been via long-distance. We typically see each other on the weekends. I’m not fond of pdas and him being a capricorn, him either. But for some reason we exchange pdas with him being the one who initiates the pda. When we go out we’re not around people who know us and that’s probably why but who knows. We’ve never been intimate. I feel like we’re still working on getting to know and trust each other, which is perfectly fine with me because I rather cautious myself. There has been some talk of the future. I was told by another mutual friend that he’d let slip that he thought I was great and that he was happy. I was completely shocked since I thought he hadn’t mentioned our situation to anyone. Things seemed like they were going great and then nada. I haven’t contacted him since. I’m trying to figure out if he’s feeling like all of this is happening too fast and is trying to run or if he’s just trying to process things?

      1. It’s been 2 weeks. We don’t communicate every day since we’re both busy during the week. I probably initiate just a tad bit more than he does. We communicate the most when we’re face to face. I’m definitely not the emotional type.

        1. Well, you’ve known each other for around a year. I think if I were in your shoes I’d reach out once more due to the time frame you’ve known him. Try to give him a call. Make it lighthearted and fun and open ended. Hopefully, he’ll respond. Long distance relationships can be tough because you don’t get to see each other as often as you normally would, it doesn’t mean they’re impossible though. Hopefully, you’ve had plenty of time to bond while he’s visited you, vice versa.

      2. I typically initiate text, and he typically initiates phone calls. The last communication we had was initiated by him regarding missing brunch which he explained his absence. And then we talked for a while multiple times that evening. I text him the following weekend to get together and he never responded.

  4. Hi, im in a relationship with a Capricorn man (33y). We have been together 4 years, leave together one year. I have a child from previous relationship. The fact that I’m a mum to not his kid was always a massive deal breaker for him. However, because we do love each other, he has been trying very hard to overcome his doubts. our relationship has been amaizing, very passionate, happy. He and my daughter have a great time together and they are very close. Recently, his mum decided not to invite me for her birthday party and after having a chat with her my partner found out that his family is against our relationship and don’t approve him to be with a single mum , as it causes too many problems and it’s not how the traditional relationship should look like. It upset me a little bit that his family is not kin and they don’t want me in their lives, but the worst thing is that my partner took it so serious to the point when now he’s considering to leave me. I just can’t understand and can’t believe that he s actually thinking to end the relationship becouse of his mum ‘s point of view. I don’t know how to deal with it ? What shall I do, what shall I say? He went away for a week, said that he will have time to think and when he s back , he will give me the answer.

    1. Hi Mags,
      I’m very sorry to hear about this turn of events w/ your Capricorn man. It sounds like he’s had his doubts from the very beginning and his mother weighing in on his relationship is not really helping you two. Well, it might help HIM to come to a decision about what he wants to do. I’d be upset about it too. You and your child are a package deal. It seems to me that after 4 years of dating, he would have known by now whether this was for him or not (before moving in) which makes it odd to me. Usually, people know right from the VERY beginning whether this is an issue for them. Honestly, it makes me wonder what he was thinking all this time? All I can conclude is that the first year of moving in together might have been a bigger adjustment to him than anticipated and he’s now aware of the day to day reality of a ready made family and being a potential step father to your child. While the opinions of family members can be a very big deal, Caps are usually fiercely protective of their partners once they’ve made their decision to be with you.

      Mags, you say he’s going to give you an answer after a week but what about you and how you feel about all this? Do you want to be with a man that says you having a child is a “massive deal breaker” to him? Because that’s what you stated he said to you. You deserve a loving and accepting partner who adores your child and doesn’t see him/her as a “dealbreaker.” To be honest, if he decides to walk away because he just can’t accept that fact then he’s saving you a lot of future heartache. Your partner should accept you and your child (with open and happy arms). He shouldn’t be someone that says you having a child already is a “massive deal-breaker.”

      Keep me posted.

      1. Thank You for your reply. The problem with my Capricorn is that he thinks that he won’t be a good step dad and father figure for my daughter and this is why he had doubts in the first place. I’m trying to convince him that he is doing a great job and it is impossible not to see the relationship he built with my daughter. Our relationship , especially after we decided to move in together, has been really great. We were just about to sign for a new house. But after his mum’s birthday party, and the whole drama with his family admitting that they can’t accept our relationship, my Capricorn changed and he is very off now. The thing is that he is always overthink things and trying to figure what’s the best for everyone. So now, becouse his family seed the doubt about our relationship, he things that he’s not good enough for me and my daughter. I am sure about my feelings towards him , I just don’t know how to act now, shall I wait for him to come back and hope that we still can be a happy couple, or shall I leave and let him deal with his doubts on his own? The one thing I noticed after been with a Capri for such a long time is that when he feels like he’s loosing me than he’s trying his best to get me back.

        1. It’s clear that his family (for whatever reason) are really not happy w/ this union and are preying on his insecurity about it. I don’t think it’s malicious, they probably think they’re just looking out for him and pointing out the negatives. Caps can be *insecure* and thus need a lot of support. It may not seem like it, but it’s there. Honestly, at the end of the day it’s really his decision but if I was in your position, I think I’d encourage him, tell him how much you love him and that you think he’s a wonderful step-father (whatever you want to call him) to your daughter.

          There’s no guarantee that no one will make mistakes (we ALL do) but you two are a team and you’re in it together and want to build a family w/ him (if that’s your wish).

          1. Thank you. My Capri is away now, calling and texting every day, saying that he loves me and misses me – never heard that before from his mouth?. Before he went away he said that he will think through what he wants, and I said , as I was annoyed, that I won’t be home when he comes back. He said , don’t do it, don’t move out yet. Shall I wait for him and be home when he’s back, or shall I pack my bags and leave, so to make him realised that he can loose me ?

  5. Hi – I desperately need your help… so I’m dating a Cap and early on I asked him if we could just be friends with benefits ( I didn’t really want to, but thought that’s maybe what he wanted) — my mistake. Well he declined and said let’s just be friends with benefits.

    Since then we have been friends, and keep in contact whatever. I went on a business trip for a few weeks and we didn’t keep in contact as often as before. When I got back, I messaged him to say I wanted to see him and he agreed. So we met up for a workout date and hugged and left it at that. We are supposed to meet up again this week – though nothing definite yet as we are both pretty busy.

    I feel like because he hasn’t completely blown me off and we still see each other albeit not as often as i want, that he still has interest. That’s the backstory; now on to my question.

    I want to ‘talk’ with him briefly about the FWB question. I essentially want him to know that I was joking and that he totally took it seriously but since it was done via text I didn’t want to tell him then that I was only kidding and wanted it to be face-to-face instead; it’s just that with the trip, etc it took longer than I wanted it to. I want to explain that I’ve never been in a FWB situation in my life and that I am just not that chic — too much of a good girl for that.

    Should I do that or not – it is the truth…but I don’t want to push him away. However, I do want him to know the truth. Or have I pretty much screwed this up and need to move on?

    1. “Hi – I desperately need your help… so I’m dating a Cap and early on I asked him if we could just be friends with benefits ( I didn’t really want to, but thought that’s maybe what he wanted) — my mistake. Well he declined and said let’s just be friends with benefits.”

      Okay, I need some clarification. Are you friends with benefits or just friends?

  6. I met this Cap guy after exchanging a few texts, the first meeting was nice and grounded, not surreal or anything but very earth and comforting. I am a Taurus female. After haing met, we kept in touch through texts, though he wasnt much of a txter. We met once again after a month, this time the invite came from his end. I was pleasantly surprised. We met over drinks, didnt talk much at all, lesser than what strangers wud exchange with each other, the music was loud too. After this, out of no where, he ksses and tries to make out. I asked him what it wsa all about. He acts all flustered, that its not a good time for him as he had lost his mom a month ago, that he had responsibilities, and wanted to be busy with work and wanted to be left alone. Hardly the kind of response i expected. I still felt he must have been acting out coz if dealing with loss of his mom, but when i tried to force myself thru texts and let him know that i was going to stick around no matter what. after that i observed he wudnt reply and thereafter, he blocked me on every portal, phone, whatsapp, facebook etc.
    Please tell me is this normal with a cap guy. spmewhere I read they are insecure so i want to stick around. somewhere i read that one should not chase a cap guy. I like this guy and would atleast like to have him as a friend but being on block for 2 months now, i hardly think i can let him know this.

    1. Well, if he’s blocked you it probably means he’s just not interested or was discouraged. It’s really possible from what you say that he was embarrassed from what happened. He tried to kiss you/make a move and you obviously were not into it. Caps can be insecure, yes. We need some encouragement, not everyone but many do.

  7. Hi, This site helps me so much. Everytime I feel like feeling my Cappy off I have to control myself and read the comments posted. I am an aries female – yes very hard for me not to throw a tantrum and control myself but I’m trying. I’ve been dating my Cappy for about 2 months now. The first month was beautiful with him texting/calling and just wanting to know more about me. Then the next month he has become distant… takes hours to reply and hardly says anything. He has just come out of a 12 year relationship (not too sure why he never married his partner as I know she really wanted to and they have a daughter). He just said when he turned 40 his priorities changed. he is 41 and I am 42. We first met about 20 years ago but I didn’t take much note of him then even though he said he was interested. Im going through a divorce which being a typical aries female am very honest with him about and tell him everything. I told him last week that we must not speak the weekend so we can miss each other. He sent me a message on the Sunday afternoon asking how Im doing and silly me I replied right away. We have a long distance relationship and last saw each other almost 40 days ago. We were intimate once only and sex is great between us – we are very open about it all and even sext each other. I told him I care deeply and he said he does too. I have also told him twice that he has hurt my feelings by being so distant and each time he immediately apologised and very warm again for a day or 2 then it goes back to he distant thing. Anyway we did a bit of sexting 2 days ago and I didn’t hear from him the next say so I sent a message the evening and he responded (I was hurt and felt used).. again the 2 minute short chat with him trying to show some interest but reading between the lines I think he might be losing interest. We will see each other On Thursday for 2 days. I really just feel like cancelling before I fall in love. I feel this is all about sex only. How do I act with him on these 2 days? I keep reading that I must give him space – how much space? When he does message do I wait a few hours before replying. The few times I’ve done it seems to annoy him. Give him space and live my life? The when he feels eh wants to see me do I change my life to suite him? I’m really confused and finding it so hard not to jump in.

    1. Hi Tassy,
      I think, in general, Capricorns need lots of space and alone time after being intimate or spending a long day together. It is tough because Caps aren’t usually outwardly expressive w/ their emotions. We just need a breather from it all, it’s nothing personal at all and I don’t think it means he’s losing interest. It’s only been a few months, correct? I’d give him some time to get closer to you and encourage experiences (dates) that will deepen your connection
      w/ him. It doesn’t happen quickly, but with patience you can get him to open up and get closer to you. He will move at his own slow pace but he will get their eventually if it’s meant to be.

      If he texts you then do what feels natural to you, text him back when you have the time. I wouldn’t purposely wait just for the sake of waiting. For now, maybe dial it down on the sexting and sex. Get to know him better and let him get to know you better. There’s nothing wrong with sexting but don’t let it replace meaningful conversations and true bonding experiences that new couples need.

      Also, go about your life and don’t stop doing all the things you love. If he calls or texts you and when you are busy with friends or doing something you love then keep on doing that. Respond to him later. The same goes for dates. Don’t drop the things that make you, YOU. Keep your balance and keep living your life.

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