A Square Wreath for All Occassions

If you need a pretty square wreath for your front door then find some top wreaths for sale below and pick your favorite design.

You will also find some helpful tutorials on how to make your own if you want to! Get ready to buy or create something spectacular.

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Square Wreath
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Steps to Make Your Own Square Wreath

If you really want to construct your own wreath from scratch then follow the tutorial above or see these instructions to make your very own.

All you need to begin are the following:

* Square wreath base
* Your choice of flowers or greenery
* Glue and gluesticks
* Scissors

One of the things I really enjoy about crafting is that you can really let your creativity out and create whatever your heart desires.

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A Few Thoughts

You will want to keep in mind that dried flowers (if going this route) can be fragile so handle with care because you don’t want to break anything.

If you have a dried wreath it is best to hang it up indoors and keep it in a temperature controlled setting. Also keep out of direct sunlight to help it last longer.

This is one reason why I personally prefer using silks, because you can hang them up outdoors and not have to worry about the weather doing any damage to your wreath!

The Steps

One of the first things you will want to do is lay your base out and then picture what you want it to look like! If needed you should probably make a sketch of your design or lay out your flowers over the wreath (without gluing down) so you can get a nice idea of what you want.

Square Wreath

* You will want to first lay down your filler which will probably consist of twigs, leaves and other large leaves to form your base or to mainly cover up the wreath ring you are using.

Square Wreath

Start to cover your leaves in a pattern. This is more of a v shape (sort of). Lay one leaf then another to form the angle or v design and cover your entire base. It’s okay if you overlap the base a little as long as you don’t go over by too much. You don’t want to cover up your square shape.

Square Wreath

Of course, this is just a sketch and yours will look much better since you can cover up the white space better with more greenery.

Square Wreath

Now that you have your base you can work on your design by adding whatever you desire in the same basic pattern to further fill your wreath out.

Optional: You can continue to go all the way around just how you did the base or you can put some bigger flowers or filler in one corner or the middle of your square to create a focus.

Have fun designing!

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