Small Bathroom Makeover Project of a Scary Bathroom


Here is my small bathroom makeover project.

I recently visited my mom. She lives in a very tiny cabin with a small bathroom that really needs some work. It was basically unfinished and scary looking, as you’ll see below.

This was an extra home built on the property. She lost her home in a fire and ever since then, she’s been trying to recover. It’s been an incredibly rough road. 🙁

So, I wanted to  help just a little and make things more comfortable for her in her bathroom AND make a fun project out of it while I went down for a visit with her!

Plus, I just love doing these things. 🙂 🙂  If you’d rather just watch, instead of read, here’s the video of it below.

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Small Bathroom Makeover | Work in Progress

Some of the items used
* Stainless steel robe hook
* Brushed Nickel, Plug in Modern Light Pendant

Sidenote: It’s not completely finished.. yet.

Here are pictures of the before.

Small bathroom makeover

Some of the things that needed work were the main wall behind her vanity. Do you notice anything missing on the wall?

It’s incredibly frustrating to look up and not have a mirror there! It must be inherently programmed in me now that mirrors go above the vanity where you brush your teeth, because every time I looked up, I expected to see my image. Lol.

I sealed up this wall with drywall tape and then covered it up to get it ready for primer in the near future. And, YES that is a breaker box in the bathroom! I really don’t like this being here, but for now I’m going to cover it up.

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small bathroom makeover 3

Floors for a Small Bathroom Makeover

small bathroom makeover floors diy

The floors were unfinished, this is just plain subfloor! It gets very cold in winter, so anything to help protect feet is a plus. My plan was to use a peel and stick vinyl plank.

I first thought there was a leak from the shower drain but it turns out it was the shower curtain. It needed a vinyl cover on the inside because it was pure fabric. So, water was dripping out and and through it to the floor below.

To cover the floor, I used the RoseRosa pvc plank for this floor.

This is a peel and stick plank that was easy to lay down. The most difficult part was the toilet area! That took a while because I couldn’t get an exact fit, but the time spent was worth it because I just LOVE how this turned out.

diy-bathroom makeover floors


Small Bathroom Makeover | Update the Shower Curtain!

When I first walked into this bathroom, I noticed how dark everything was. This shower curtain, along with the floor, just made this tiny bathroom seem even smaller. It was waaaay too dark.

shower curtain for bathroom update

So, I purchased a brand new, lighter shower curtain, shower curtain rod and hooks, along with the plain vinyl lining (to protect the floors from leaking) to brighten this room.

* Polished Nickel Shower Curtain Rod

* Rust Resistant Shower Hooks in Polished Nickel

bathroom makeover project

I also added the 24 inch round mirror for the ugly wall to cover that unsightly breaker box. The mirror is lightweight so it can be removed easily.

It’s still a work in progress, I need to prime the walls, then paint or add some tile (possibly). I also want to refinish the shower because I’m not fond of the tan color.

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Diy Small bathroom makeover- This small bathroom makeover is my journey for a better bathroom. You can do it too! Follow along and let's create a stunning bathroom together.

What do you think about this bathroom makeover work in progress? Let me know your thoughts, tips or ideas below! Are you doing a makeover too? What do you plan on changing first?

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