Shell Wreath

A shell wreath is a great way to decorate your door when you want to bring the beach home.

So if you love seashells and being by the ocean then bring that seaside feeling to your door step for the warm months of spring and summer time.

Find some pretty seashell wreaths for sale online or learn how you can make your own below!

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Making a Seashell Door Wreath Tutorial

How To Make Your Own Shell Wreath

If you want to make your own wreath from seashells then get ready with your supplies!

You should have the following supplies ready:

shell wreath
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Wreath Making Supplies

* A glue gun with glue sticks

* Wreath base (twig or grapevine would be best)

* Artificial Leaves of your choice- Salal is a nice choice (this is optional)

* Wispy grasses – wheat or something that looks similar

* Plenty of your favorite seashells, starfish or sand dollars to pick from

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For a coastal wreath you might want to start with a base made of twigs (like in the video above) or something like a grapevine wreath.

Once you have your wreath base you can do one of two things. You can start adding your seashells one by one in the desired design of your choice, or you can add the leaves to the twig base and then your grasses over that and then add your shells will be added last!

This is all up to you, so just use your judgement to design something to suit your style. For inspiration you can view some of these
beach wreaths for sale to give you some great ideas on how you want to lay out your wreath.

Once you have decided on your base and whether you want the leaves on or off then you will want to picture how your shells will be arranged.

It might be best to make a good sketch of your design.

shell wreath
Step 1: Cover your twig base or grapevine with leaves to fill it out.
shell wreath
shell wreath
Step 2: Add some wisps of grasses around the wreath. Bear grass, lavender and artificial wheat might look good with this style of wreath.

The last step will be up to you, place your shells wherever you like. Follow your sketch to make it easier and ensure it turns out as you’d like it too.

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