How To Repair Your Torn Jeans

jeans with holes

Do you have a favorite pair of jeans that have a hole somewhere and need to be repaired? If you do then do not throw them away!

This tutorial is just for you!! Below you’ll find a super easy way to fix your “holey” jeans (also called ‘darning’) and save them from the trash pile. Make them like new errr.. or almost new!

To repair your torn jeans you’ll need a sewing machine with the zigzag setting on it. Don’t have a sewing machine? If you don’t then maybe you have a friend that does! Ask them if you can borrow theirs for a day. It doesn’t take long to do this once you start so get cracking.

Here Is What You’ll Need to Repair Your Torn Jeans

– A stretchy cotton fabric to fill the gaping hole/tear
– Cotton thread in the same color of your jeans
– Double sided tape
– Scissors

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First, you’ll need to take your jeans and if they are frayed then you must trim off the loose strings. You need to do this because these strays can tangle in your sewing machine and you don’t want this. The area you are working with has to be clean and free of loose strings.

After you’ve done this, turn them inside out to begin your work.

Jeans with Holes

For the next step, you’ll need to take your stretchy fabric (mine is white) and cut it larger than the size of the hole you need to cover up. It needs to be slightly larger because the surrounding material might be weakened so the extra edging is to really reinforce the area.

Repair Jeans with Holes

After you’ve cut the fabric, you’ll use your double sided tape to attach it to the inside of your jeans. Remember, they need to be inside out. The tape is just to keep the fabric in place temporarily while you sew! You can see a bit of it peeking out from the edge of the fabric in the photo below.

How to Darn Jeans

Next, you’ll start sewing. Make sure that the stitch is set to zig zag. Start by sewing your outer edges first to secure them permanently. Then, you slowly start filling in the rest of your patch. You’re basically re-weaving the fabric until it’s filled in.

To make it easier to see, I chose a lighter thread but you can use whatever color you wish or simply match it. Due to where this hole was, once they’re on, no one will be able to tell.



Here’s another pair that I’ve worked on! As you can see, it’s only noticeable when you have your face practically pressed against the jeans. And anyone who is that close to you while you are out and about is crazy.
Enjoy repairing your jeans! 🙂

Repair Your Jeans

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Best Way to Darn Your Jeans

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