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I really love pinecones. They are just another reminder of the coming holidays.

Here are some cool ideas to make a pinecone wreath.
Follow along to make your own or if you want to buy a pine cone wreath view the sales below!



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You can be very creative when making your own door wreath. You can also have the kids help you by twining the pinecones around your wreath base as you will see below.



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How to Make a Pine Cone Wreath





Christmas Wreath Decorating Step by Step



Supplies needed

* Glue gun and glue-sticks

* Plenty of Pine cones (large and small)

* Cranberries or leaves if desired

* Florists wire

* Clothes hanger



First you need to bend your hanger into a round shape because you will be using this as your wreath base. Next you should gather your pieces of florist wire and attach to your pine cone around the center.


pinecone wreath
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The Steps to Make this Door Wreath


make a pine cone wreath
Step 1: Twine your wire around the middle of a pinecone
pine cone wreath
Step 2: Then attach the pinecone to your wreath base and twine wire around until secure.
pine cone wreath
Step 3: Keep adding more pinecones until you have filled it out.



After you have finished filling out your wreath you can then reinforce your pine cones with some hot glue to make sure they won’t wiggle around and lose the shape you want.

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You can choose to paint the tips white to imitate snow if desired or leave as is!
You can also take the time to add your cranberries, leaves or any other additions you want to fill it out some more and get rid of those bare spots.



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Lastly, you can choose to cover up your hook with some pretty ribbon by twirling it around and then securing with glue.

You can also make a bow and then glue it on the top or bottom or sides, your choice.

Hang it up and enjoy!

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Where to Buy a Pinecone Wreath?

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