Patriotic Front Door Wreaths

View the patriotic front door wreaths on sale and at great discounts, choose your absolute favorite below! A beautiful wreath with red, white and blue colors will add a nice touch to your front door this holiday. Celebrate your pride this year or on special national days of remembrance.

Patriotic front door wreath
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How to Make Your Own Cheap Door Wreath

Here is a wonderful video on how to make a coffee filter wreath. It is a super cheap way to make a wreath and I chose this because it would look great with a cool patriotic design. See below for more..

I think a really great idea would be to create a patriotic wreath using this same method. Not only is it super cheap but easy too.


Which One Will YOU Choose?

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Supplies for A Decorative Door Wreath Like This One

First you will need a few supplies including:

* Foamboard or a wreath base
* Circular shapes (one large and one small) if you are using the foam board
* glue gun
* Something to trace your shapes
* Coffee filters
* Flowers if desired or other shapes
* Food coloring (red and blue) to dye your coffee filters if desired
* Matching ribbon of your choice to hang up the wreath
* If using the foam board you will need something cut out your wreath shape (X acto )

Patriotic Front Door Wreath for Sale
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Let’s pretend you are making it with the foam board and if so you need to take the board and cut a round shape about the size you want your wreath to be. You will need to find something that large to help you trace a good circle. Then you need to find another smaller sized item to go inside that.

Patriotic front door wreath making
Step 1: Draw your circle (Sizes are not to scale)
Patriotic front door wreath making
Step 2: Draw the inner circle
cat litter mat
Step 3: Cut out the circles that you made and you are left with a wreath shape!
cat litter mat
Step 4: Now is a good time to decide if you want to create a pattern of some sort( see the star wreath above). If so, just trace your base with the desired pattern. You can make a star shape and then add red or blue dye to your filters to use them to fill in your pattern.
Patriotic front door wreath making
Step 5: Take your coffee filter and gather it at the bottom like you are making a flower shape. Add glue to the base and attach to your wreath base.
Patriotic front door wreath making
Step 6: Attach more coffee filters to fill it out.

After you have completely filled out your wreath then you just need to get your scissors and trim as needed. Add a ribbon hoop to the back with some hot glue to hang it up!


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Where Can I Buy Discount Patriotic Front Door Wreaths?

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