My is Website Down- What?!!&%#

This is a whiny post. Sorry in advance. As I write this 11/28/2016 at 10:46am,…


How to Cope With a Painful Breakup

How do you cope with a painful breakup that’s left you completely shattered into pieces?…

5 Capricorn Traits You Should Know About

5 Capricorn “Traits” You Should Know About

Do you want to know some common Capricorn traits? Capricorns are stereotypically thought of as…


DIY Furniture Painting Project

Here’s another DIY furniture painting project to inspire you if you love turning trash into…


Personal Goal Setting: The One Thing You Must Do To Achieve Any Goal

Have you tried personal goal setting and had some success? Or, maybe the goals that…

Dwarf Miscanthus

8 Simple Pleasures

What are some of your simple pleasures? What are some of the things that you…


7 Relationship Warning Signs to Eliminate Men That Are Not Serious About You

What are some¬†Relationship Warning Signs? “He’s just not that into you,” is something that no…

Getting Out of Debt – The Long Journey

Have you been trying to get out of debt too? Here’s my story of how…

inspirational wall decor

Make Your Own Inspirational Wall Decor

¬† Make your own inspirational wall decor to inspire you. Several months ago, I found…

Happy Valentine's Day-Heart Garland

Happy Valentine’s Day

I hope you enjoy your Valentine’s Day. Make it special and treat yourself! Mmmm.. this…

music for february

Favorite Music for February

Here are some of my favorite tracks for the month! Enjoy. In case the videos…

will you survive the apocolypse

Things I Love

Take a peek at this very special trailer that my little sister created for a…


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