Start a Window Garden

window garden
I decided to create a window garden because recently I’ve felt so out of touch with nature.

Awhile back, I moved to a new place and unfortunately for me, all I really have (in way of a space to garden) is a stoop outside and some windows.

When my sister came to visit me, she suggested that I use my windows to plant vegetables. I was thrilled with the suggestion and felt super silly because to be honest, the idea never even occurred to me. Really smart, huh?

So, I’m making the best of my windows that face east!

My Kitchen Window Garden

window garden

As you can probably tell, my window faces the parking lot! Ha ha. That’s okay, I’m making do with what I have and I really do think these future seedlings will do very well in my kitchen window. I’m very excited to see them pop out of the soil.

I used some Chinese takeout boxes that I saved just because I thought that they were pretty cute.

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What I’m Growing in my Window Garden

lettuce and basil seeds

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My seeds came courtesy of my sister. She was so sweet and gave them to me to start me off with my veggie garden. I’m growing lettuce, cherry tomatos as well as fresh basil. The only real “experiment” part of this indoor garden are the cherry tomatoes. I harvested the seeds from some store purchased tomatos.

To harvest them I spread out a clean paper towel on the counter and then cut a tomato in half and spread the seed contents over the towel. I let it dry for about a week before planting. I hope they grow, but if not that’s okay!

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My Homemade Plant Markers

plant marker

I used some popsicle sticks to mark what plant was growing in which pot along with the date I started the seeds. This way I can easily track their progress.

They Finally Sprouted!

My Basil Seeds Sprouted

It took them about four days, but these are the first seedlings to sprout. I’m so proud of this window garden! Aren’t they cute? I can’t wait until they’re bigger and I can make a tomato/basil salad. Yummy!

The Basil Seedlings at 14 Days

Basil on the Window at 14 days

I can’t believe how big these have gotten! I’m very excited to have some with a bit of pasta.

Planters You Might Like:

barnwood window box

I am in love with this pretty barnwood frame. It’s perfect for a kitchen window and has that rustic, weathered look. I’d like to get my hands on this one.

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