My is Website Down- What?!!&%#

This is a whiny post. Sorry in advance.

As I write this 11/28/2016 at 10:46am, my website is currently down. I’m writing this on a word document because I can’t even pull my site up. Below is the screenshot I get when trying to reach it.


I’d pull my hair out of my head, but I know it’s pointless to get upset over this. I’ve sent several messages to my webhost but still no response.

Webhost, why are you doing this to me, today of all days?

This problem started on the weekend, Saturday to be exact. It kept going down and coming back up intermittently. There is no phone number to even call these people up.

Website down.

On the busiest day of the online world.

Cyber Monday.


The financial part, doesn’t bother me very much because this site brings in very little online income anyway. Oddly enough, I love it so very much 🙂

Oh who the hell and I kidding! It still bothers me, yes.

Either way, it’s an important day for me too as I was really looking forward to viewing my traffic numbers today. I love seeing visitors pop in from all over the world. It makes me happy.

And what’s most important, for me, is that my readers/subscribers get to access it when they want and it’s frustrating that it can’t happen. I don’t like the frustration of wanting to read a web page and then it JUST WON’T PULL UP. I sure as hell don’t like letting people down. Grrrrr..

That is what is the most irritating for me. This Capricorn woman is annoyed and there’s nothing I can do about it but sit here and write this in a word document in the hopes that soon, my site will be back up.

They say they offer 24/7 support but right now I’m incredibly underwhelmed by the lack of response from them. I’ll take anything at this point, even a “we will be with you shortly.”

But I have nothing. Nothing!

Edit: I’ve discovered an online chat option and was surprised that someone actually came on within a few moments to tell me, “we are working on it now.” Still, I’m incredibly suspicious.


I can’t even imagine how someone would feel if they were actually relying on their website to support their family only to find that awful message come up. And on the busiest day of the year, no less.

Anyhow, hope you found this slightly entertaining and that your day is way better than mine.

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