Mobile Home Bathroom Remodel Project

This mobile home bathroom vanity upgrade is incredibly easy and you can do it yourself! Follow along to transform your vanity into something you'll love.



This is Part 1 in my mobile home bathroom project.

I’m helping my mom spruce up her mobile home and if you’ve read some of my other posts you’ll know I just love projects. It’s an addiction, I think. 🙂 Anyway, I thought I’d add this here in case anyone was interested. If you are trying to work on your own mobile home bathroom remodel then welcome!

I’m going to use this post in a series to document the process of before and after on my mom’s mobile home bathroom remodel. I hope you enjoy and find it helpful!


Mobile homes are a bit different in that everything is made to be lightweight and the items are cheaply made (ie: plastic). The downside to using plastic is that it can break or eventually just loses it’s luster over time. Below is my remodeling process. I’ll add them in steps because it’s a lot!

If you have a mobile home bathroom remodel project (or any other mobile home project) as well, then please share your experiences below on your mobile home remodeling adventures! Subscribe for more updates below the comments section.

This is a fairly small bathroom but it gets most of the traffic from this home since it’s right off the living room.

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Mobile Home Vanity and Sink Area – Before



Green formica, plastic sink and an outdated sink fixture need some serious love. The sink is faded and just needs to be replaced. Note: The cabinet looks light gray in the shots but it’s actually supposed to be white.

The vanity has been used heavily so this will get some paint and a new fixture to spruce it up. See that green stuff down there? That’s carpet! It’s coming out too.

Mobile Home Bathroom Vanity After Changing the Counter Top



This project began because I had an idea to just change the bathroom counter with a simple vinyl film that looks like marble! I’ve been dying to do this in my own bathroom “makeover” but since I rent, I thought it best not to.

Anyway, once I did that(see above), I realized I couldn’t stop there (see picture below for the reason why).

It made the outdated plastic sink look awful, and it ruined what I wanted to achieve. So, that is coming out next. I’m also adding a new bathroom faucet in the place of this other original fixture that this home came with.

This vanity was very easy to cover up with the vinyl. It took me a few tries to get it right but it was so worth it. I love how it looks now, sans the sink, of course. 😛 So, if you’re in a mobile home too and want to change up your counter top in the bathroom then give it a try!





For the bottom part of vanity, I scrubbed it with soap and water (several times to remove grime) and then painted it with a dark gray high gloss oil paint and updated the fixture with a brushed nickel T-bar cabinet knob. As you can see, I’ve also pulled up some of the carpet. It was mainly because I didn’t want it even touching my paint job. 🙂  

Check out the finished bathroom vanity here in Part 2!


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