How to Make Deliciously Strong Coffee

If you want to learn how to make some strong and yummy coffee, then this post is for you!

I’m a huge, huge coffee lover. So while I visited my mom this past summer, I made a lot of coffee daily. She called it “suicide coffee,” because of how strong it is. The title just stuck and she poked fun of me all summer when I made my coffee.

So…I like my coffee very strong and take it as a compliment because for me, hers is very watery. Sorry, mom! 😛

In addition, I like to add a healthy dose of creamer to my coffee, which is probably why I like to prepare it this way. Below, you’ll find out how to easily make your own version of “suicide coffee.” It’s very simple and will give you a nice boost and wake you up when you need it!



First, you need a spoon. 🙂 Any old spoon will do. I like to use a large teaspoon and it does the trick pretty well.

How much coffee to measure per cup

Next, decide on how many cups you’d like to make. The recipe for this coffee is about 1 heaping teaspoon per cup. So, if you are making 4 cups, then you’ll need to add 4 heaping teaspoons to your coffee maker. If you want to get very technical then the measurement is basically 1 leveled off tablespoon per 1 cup of water.

It’s the same thing as 1 heaping teaspoon. I measured it out myself to be sure. 🙂


See, it’s very easy! Give the suicide coffee recipe a try and let me know how it goes? Do you already make yours like this? Do you have a better recipe? Please share it below! Don’t be shy.

What types of coffee creamer are your favorite? Share them.

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