DIY Floor Lamp

DIY Floor Lamp Custom Made

Why Make Your Own Floor Lamp?

* Inexpensive way to make custom lamp
* Very simple
* Completely unique

Ever since moving into my new apartment, I had been searching and searching for a nice floor lamp.

The problem was that the ones I liked were just a bit pricey and not exactly what I wanted.

I got the idea when I found a DIY lamp kit from my new second home, Home Depot. =)

After figuring out how to put the thing together, I decided to paint it. It came in a brass color which I didn’t really care for. To paint, I used Rustoleum spray paint, bright coat, metallic finish. Here it is after painting.

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I noticed one on Amazon that’s already pewter. Grr…. Oh well!

diy-lamp-kitDIY Lamp Kit in Pewter!

Next, I purchased a 1/2″ pvc pipe and had it cut down to about 5′. This was spray painted in the same Rustoleum, metallic finish as well.



The Floor Lamp Base

Then… I realized I needed a stand of some sort to hold it all up. I decided to used Quickcrete concrete mix for the base and a small bucket as the mold to make a custom one. The wonderful benefit of making your own with concrete is that you can create ANY shape or size you want to!

Just imagine the possibilities. 🙂


In order to hold the pole up, I inserted a 1/2″, 3 way pvc coupler. I centered it in the middle of the bucket and attached in place using a hot glue gun. Note: I decided to go with a 3 way coupler as opposed to 2 way because I thought it might give the pole more solid support once the cement cured.

(Sorry about the pictures below!)

Next, I sealed off the one coupler with some strong tape. You don’t want any cement getting into it. The other coupler is where the other end of the cord goes. To seal this one I measured the distance between the coupler and the edge of the bucket and then cut a small pvc pipe and squeezed it in. The other end was also sealed in place with hot glue.

DIY Floor Lamp – “The Plumbing”

DIY Floor Lamp- You can make your very own floor or table lamp easily with this DIY tutorial. Create an incredibly unique lamp designed by you!

Then, once that was all done. I got my Quickrete cement and started mixing. I purchased a 60 pound bag and it was incredibly heavy. I used about 1/4 of the bag and followed mixing instructions. FYI: To have a smoother finish, it’s best to add a little more water. I didn’t do this and mine turned out a bit rough w/ some holes as you’ll notice below.  I ended up liking the unique, space rock look of it and still have this lamp today! 2/28/19

Note: The downside to adding more water though is that the cement is weaker. Your call.

DIY Floor Lamp- You can make your very own floor or table lamp easily with this DIY tutorial. Create an incredibly unique lamp designed by you!

Pour your concrete to completely cover your pipes. Be sure you use a flat surface to do this work. You want your base to be flat once it’s done.

Let the concrete cure for a few days. I waited about 3 and then flipped it over. I was prepared to break the bucket but luckily I didn’t need to. With a little prying from my boyfriend, it popped right out!

Here’s what it looks like below.

The Outer Space Lamp-Final Look


Here it is spray painted. The cord fits right through.
DIY Floor Lamp with a Space Rock Look! Learn how you can make your very own, completely unique floor lamp. Click for how to do it.


Here it is with the pole inserted.

My Space Themed Lamp- Completely Unique




Almost done, I’m going to add some felt soon to the bottom so it doesn’t scrape the floor. All I need now is the lampshade! I think I might make that one too!

The wonderful part of this diy lamp project is that yours will be completely unique! I’d love to see what you come up with. Share in the comments below if you plan on making one too or how yours turned out.

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DIY Floor Lamp- Make Your very own custom and completely unique floor or table lamp! Use your imagination to create your own lighting with this diy tutorial. Find out how to make your own.

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