Make a Barrel Coffee Table


My neighbors put this used barrel out for trash collecting. I know what you’re thinking.. “gross.”

When I saw, it I just knew it would be perfect to use as a barrel coffee table! It was still in great shape and I thought it would make an interesting addition to my decor. Right now, I’m starting with basically nothing!

So, I set out to work on this fun project. It took awhile to finish up because it was full of dirt (and I was in the midst of moving!) and I had to scrub it all off over and over again. Dirt has a way of getting into those crevices! I think I did an okay job for the most part 🙂 and I’m left with a pretty awesome coffee table I’m already in love with.

My sister has claimed dibs on it if I ever move and don’t want it anymore. Ha! Do you like refurbishing home decor? If you like to paint you might also enjoy my Painted Picture Frame Post.


This is after glossing it. You can still see here how damaged it is inside.


You might not be able to tell from the pictures but I covered this with Varathane Gloss. I didn’t really mix it properly (whoops!) so it came out clear! Luckily, I liked the way it looked. After coating it many times I didn’t have the heart to re-do it all again, so I decided to leave it as is (shown in pics).


First, I covered the metal part with green frog tape to protect it. Once that was done I glossed the entire barrel.


Another reason why I wanted to gloss it is because I really had trouble getting the remaining specks of dirt out even after bleaching and scrubbing many times! I wanted something to really seal any bits that might fall off in the future. Yes, it has helped immensely.

I can’t wait until I have more furniture to so it’s not so alone in my living room.

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