Magnetic Wreath Hanger

Do you need to buy a magnetic wreath hanger for your door?

Hanging up a wreath is such a wonderful way to welcome your houseguests and greet people that pass by your home.

They have a way of really making a house a home and no matter what, they always make a house look so much better and have a way of showing that a home is well cared for and loved.

If you need some wreath hangers or magnetic hangers to make your decorating job easier then view the selections below and find the one that will make it easy to hang that wreath. No more fretting and worrying if you’ll come home one day to find your beautiful wreath on the floor!

Take a look below to find a fitting hanger for any size wreath (heavy and light).

Wreath hangers for Sale

Magnetic Wreath Hanger
Buy a Wreath Hanger for Sale Online

Featured is the Magnetic Wreath Hanger – 2 Pack in silver.

Gone are the days when you have to worry about your wreath falling off the door whenever you open and close it! Come on, you know that you’ve done it at least once or twice with your favorite wreath on your door.

No one wants to come home with a wreath on the floor or hanging in a haphazard way.

The wreath hanger above is by Haute Décor and it comes in a pack of 2 which is great because you can use one for inside and one for the outside.

A magnetic wreath hanger will work with metal doors or windows. There are strong magnets inside that will hold up to 10 pounds (just weight your wreath to be sure it is under this weight).

This is a simple way to hang up a wreath as you don’t have to worry about putting nails in your door.

Magnetic Wreath Hanger
Premium Magnetic Wreath Hanger

This featured hanger is available in a white hue and will also securely hold a wreath up to 10 pounds. There are two easy hooks on the front and the back that will aid you in hanging up that wreath wherever a metal door is.

Green Magnetic Wreath Hanger

Magnetic Wreath Hanger
Metal Door Wreath Hanger

If you want something that will blend in with a dark door then this dark green wreath hanger is a good option. This comes in two pieces and will hold up to 4 pounds. It’s ideal for smaller, lightweight wreaths.

Adjustable Wreath Hanger

Adjustable Wreath Hanger
Over Door Wreath Hangers for Sale Online

This adjustable wreath hanger is suitable for those doors that are not made of metal. It is available in silver, brushed nickel, oil rubbed bronze and antique brass. You can easily adjust it to fit your door size (make it shorter or longer).

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