The Law of Attraction and Manifesting Your Dreams

Do you want to know more about the Law of Attraction or making your dreams a reality? Would you like to find out how the law of attraction works? Are you confused as to how you can make it work specifically for you?

If you’re curious about how to manifest your dreams then read along to follow the simple steps to manifest what you most desire. This technique goes by other names such as manifesting goals, making things happen, law of attraction, etc. For me, they are all the same.

It’s very simple, yet so very powerful as you’ll see below. Here.. we’ll cover what it means to use visualizations and something very powerful to make your dreams come to life. Let’s begin and learn all about this amazing process that can turn your wildest dreams into reality! Get ready to have some fun and create your new inspiring life.

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How Does It Work?

You can find so many books and reading on this topic. What matters most is that you go with a process that speaks to you, personally. We are all different and what someone writes may not resonate with you. Someone else can say almost the exact same thing but it won’t touch you or reach you as it should. The whole point is to choose something that you feel the most positive about and stick with it! I think one of the most important keys here is to be positive and confident in your ability to bring your vision and dreams into this world.

Setting an intention in your mind is the first step to making it come true. When you are ready to manifest, write down exactly what you’d like to happen.

Setting an Intention for the Law of Attraction

First, you set your intention. So what is an intention? An intention is just something that you want to happen! For Example: I support myself completely through my blog. This is an intention.

In order to make the intention come true, you write it out! For me, this is important. Write down on a plain piece of paper exactly what you would like to see happen and then date it. Yes, date it. This way, you can keep track of when you wrote it and then when you actually manifest it, you can see how long it took you to make it come true. This last part really isn’t that important, because it will come when you are most ready for it. It’s just fun to track your progress.

Remember, it isn’t a contest on how fast you can make it happen. This all depends on how large your goal/intention is and what is needed to clear the way to make it happen for you.

After you set the intention, the manifesting begins. This is why writing it down is fun and very helpful. The writing it down, brings it from your mind and makes it more tangible. Your written down affirmation is then something you can repeatedly look at and envision to bring it forth and make it real.

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Manifesting Your Goal

Once you have written it down (see above step), then the fun begins! As you think about your goal, you need to visualize yourself achieving it. Imagine how you’ll feel when you finally have your goal. If you want to manifest your dream home then imagine yourself walking through your beautiful home and touching all your furniture and feeling content and happy about achieving your dream. Think about how it will feel and smell and how everything will look.

Most of all, let your imagination guide you through the process. This can be a very fun experience. If you love to daydream then you can really have fun with this. Find that happy place where your dream has come true and stay there, hold onto it and feel it.

Know that it can and will be yours soon.

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My Intention Was Set and Nothing Is Working! What Have I Done Wrong?

Don’t panic. Remember there is no deadline on how soon it will happen. This all depends on you and your attitude going into this process. The key is to be positive and go into this with a playful, child-like spirit. Play with your intention in your mind. What will it look like and feel like to have it? Think about the joy it will give you to finally have it in your life.

Do whatever you can to keep your mind optimistic about it. Make your vision board or try an old fashioned scrap board if you prefer.

Check out Living Rich-My Dream Bedroom post to help inspire you and give you an idea of how fun it can be to manifest.

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