Law of Attraction Affirmations


Law of Attraction Affirmations!
Lately, I’ve been feeling so positive and motivated. This year, one of my goals is to work toward getting get rid of at least half of my credit card debt on one of my credit cards because I want to purchase my first home within the next few years.

To make it happen I’ve set an intention to do this and made a solid plan to eliminate my debt to prepare. How do you set your affirmations to make things happen for you? Do you believe in the power of Law of Attraction affirmations?

Every day, I’ve been saying, “Thank you for my home.” I do this at least three times throughout the day and I’ve been looking on “house for sale” websites searching for my home and looking at features I’d like. Also, it really inspires me and keeps me motivated.

Now, this is very large project but I know that it’s already coming my way and here’s why. Recently, I started to brainstorm ways to come up with extra money for the down-payment. I do freelance work and the company I work for asked me if I’d be interested in taking on a new project. After thinking about it a moment, I realized that this was a wonderful opportunity to bring in some extra income to put toward my house! I said “yes” right away.

Slowly, things are happening! How about you? Do you have any exciting things that have happened to make you believe in the Law of Attraction?

How to Make Law of Attraction Affirmations Work

Write your affirmation down and say it out loud! I’m actually working on one major one right now which is paying off half of my credit card. So I wrote down the affirmation, “I will pay 1/2 of my credit card off by January 16, 2016.” I put it in front of my work desk so I see it every day and recite it to myself.

In addition, I’ve been saying to myself, “Thank you for my house,” because this just makes me happy and I feel like I’m really working toward achieving it.

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