Large Grapevine Wreaths

If you want to buy large grapevine wreaths to decorate your door for any season then welcome!

I’ve found some pretty simple ones for sale online for you to pick from. These are great if you are trying to make your own wreath and just need a base.

You can also easily make your own from scratch if you are feeling particularly crafty.

When I was little my dad wanted to make a huge grapevine wreath for our front door one Christmas. We went to our local wooded area and searched for those tough vines and I’m not even sure if they were indeed grapevines but they did just fine. We made a pretty large wreath but it was extremely skinny (I wish I had a picture of it to show you). To this day I remember it as the “anorexic wreath” (which is what we called it when we were little).

The whole experience was quite fun and it’s something that you too can really enjoy with your family members so why not give it a try?

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large grapevine wreath
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The wonderful thing about grapevine is that it is pretty flexible at first and you can easily shape it however way you wish.
Check out this helpful tutorial below that shows you how to make your own, all you need is the grapevine and some gloves when you are out picking!



More Wreath Bases

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Door Wreath Supplies Needed


* Long dried vines or bendy branches
* Gloves (optional)

I’m also fairly convinced that you don’t need grapevines to make a wreath shape either, if you ‘ve found a sturdy long growing vine that bends then it will probably do well too. It doesn’t matter if it has flowers or leaves on it as you can just pull them off once it dries up.

As you can see from the video, it’s pretty straightforward.

You take your grapevine and then start twisting it around slowly into your shape. In this case the easiest will definitely be the round shape.

Note: You can probably make other shapes like squares or even hearts but you will probably need a sturdy guide that will let you wrap the grapevine around it. A hard hanger comes to mind but then you will need to shape it yourself. You can also buy one online or at a craft store.

Instructions to Make this Wreath Base

large grapevine wreath
Step 1: Find the grapevine or bendable vine and make your circle shape. Keep adding more and more layers until it is the thickness you desire.

Step 2: The red line is just to show you another piece of grapevine.

Step 3: Add the other piece of grapevine and twist it around and around until you have it completely secured and tied down!

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Grapevine Wreaths for Sale Online

Search for the best price grapevine wreath below or just buy a base to start creating your own!



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