Make Your Own Inspirational Wall Decor

DIY Wall Art- Make your very own inspirational wall art! This is how you can take old wood and create something truly unique and inspiring for cheap!


Make your own inspirational wall decor to inspire you. Several months ago, I found a piece of plywood that someone discarded on the sidewalk! It’s long and thin and perfect for a wall. My wheels started to spin with all the possibilities of what I could paint on it for a wall decoration. I immediately grabbed it and stashed it in my living room for safe keeping.. you know, for later.

Fast forward to now (several months – post discovery), I’m ready to make this old scrap of plywood into the piece I envisioned.

When I found it, this scrap was completely clean. I brought it in, and all I had to do was take a wet cloth and brush any dust off. This is exactly where I plan on putting it. I plan on just leaning it against the wall. What do you think?



Making Your Own Unique Wall Art Stencils

What Inspires You?


I decided to paint the scrap wood in white, my favorite color for my decor (mostly because it’s easy) and then I used some left over paint from my chalk paint project to paint in the letters from the stencils. 

Due to the size of letters I needed (they need to be at least 5 inches to fill up the board), I decided to just create my own stencils. I found this amazing website called and then printed out my own large stencils. If you’re not into cutting out your own stencils then they also have a service where they’ll create one for you. The font I chose was Architect’s Daughter because it looked easy to cut out, it was pretty and simple, PLUS, I thought the name was pretty cool, too. 🙂

Inspirational wall art project stencils
The Stencils

To the DIY Wall Decor



Stencils after being cut
Stencils after being cut

I applied 2 coats of BEHR- Paint & Primer In One in Blanco Ultra Puro to the front and back of the wood. I cut out my “stencils” and applied them carefully with frog tape and made sure it looked right. This took several tries and I measured to make sure that they were spaced out properly.


Then I used BEHR Paint & Primer In One in Marina Isle to paint them in!

inspirational wall decor

inspirational wall decor

I’ve also realized that I can use the back as well, since it’s still blank. So when I get bored of one word I can turn it around and use the other!

So? How do you think it turned out?

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DIY Wall Art- The Finished Product

What do you plan on making? Share below! 🙂

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