How to Make Easy Mercury Glass

Easy DIY Mercury Glass


I really love the look of mercury glass or in this case faux mercury glass. It has this old time feel but also looks so elegant. What’s great about this DIY project is you can really transform a plain looking glass container into something very special and oh so pretty.

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What You’ll Need

* Rust-Oleum Mirror Effect Spray Paint
* Clean glass jars/containers
* Green Frog Tape

Steps to Make Mercury Glass



Add the frog tape to the outside of your container. You’ll be applying the spray paint to the inside to get the mirror effect.


After you’ve covered the top of your container sufficiently, apply the first coat of spray paint. Once you’ve applied the first coat, feel free to swirl it around to ensure you coat the entire glass container. Repeat with another coat until you’ve covered the inside completely to your taste.

Don’t worry if the color looks gray and dull at first. Once it’s completely dry you’re left with a nice shimmery mercury glass look.


My mercury glass

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