How to Make a Wine Cork Wreath

Throughout this site you will find tons of ideas to make a wreath and more projects for the home. Here is where you can find out how to buy a wine cork wreath or make your very own quite easily!

Wine cork wreaths are made from corks from wine bottles.
They make wonderful housewarming gifts and can be fun to make when you have a lot of corks left over from all those nights of drinking fine wine.

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wine cork wreath
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Here is a super cute way to display those wine corks and it’s probably a lot less time consuming! This handy cage allows you to display all of your wine corks that you have been saving and it will look great hanging on your door too.


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How to Make a Front Door Wreath from Wine Corks

Here is a great tutorial on how to make your own wreath with wine corks. Follow a long to make your own.

Door Wreath Supplies Needed:

* A styrofoam wreath ring
* A can of tan and purple spray paint
* Glue sticks
* 400-500 corks (this depends on size of your wreath) The bigger it is the more corks
* Heavy gauge wire to secure the wreath for hanging later
* A carving knife

First, you will need to smooth out the wreath base edges to ensure that there are no edges. If you do not then the wreath may look too square.

Once done, spray the base of your wreath with your spray paints, start with the tan and then spray with some of the burgandy. You want to cover as much as possible of the white part of the base, otherwise you risk it showing once you are done with all your hard work!

Use your wire to form a hanger on the back of the wreath so you can hang it up when finished. You will do this by twining the wire around the entrie wreath to secure it all the way around.

Start at the bottom and then work your way up to both sides and then form a loop at the top.

wine cork wreath

Lastly, you will need to fill your wreath with all those corks. You will need to glue each one down individually so show off your prettiest ones on the front.

Start on the sides and then work your way in. Display and enjoy!


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Where Can I Buy a Wine Cork Wreath?

If you don’t have a whole day to work on this wreath then you can buy one already made for you below.

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