How to Make a Concrete Planter

I’ve wanted to make a concrete planter for my garden for the longest time.

Concrete Planter

If you’ve been thinking of making one too, then this post is just for you.

This one is in the shape of a triangle, but you can make yours in any shape you can think of. As long as you can make the mold to hold all the concrete, you can create it. This is what I love about concrete.

For this concrete planter I used Quikrete. It was just sitting in the trunk of my car (leftover from an old project). Yes, I use it for storage.

What You’ll Need to Make It:

  • Extra pieces of thick cardboard (to make your mold).
  • Heavy duty tape ( I used green frog tape but you can use duct tape too)
  • Utility knife
  • Empty paper towel roll (for drainage hole)
  • Quikrete concrete mix
  • Tape measure
  • Scissors

Below, I made two triangular boxes to use as the mold. You’ll want to make one bigger than the other. The ones I made below had about 1 inch of space/gap between them (once you sit one inside the other). Note: your inner box needs to be very thick because if you scroll down you’ll see what happened to my inner box.

Homemade Concrete Planter Molds

make a planter diy

Triangle concrete planters

Once you’ve assembled both triangle boxes, you’ll want to cut a hole through each one. In hindsight, I think I would just advise to cut a hole through the inner triangle box (not the outer).

Take your paper towel tube and fit it into the inner box (tape it well so nothing can seep through the space between the hole and the box.

Triangle planter diy

This is my outer box, the problem was that I didn’t seal it well enough and a lot of my concrete mix seeped out.

Tip: Don’t cut the outer hole, just cut the drainage hole for the inner box and tape that part to the bottom. Once the concrete dries you can hit it with a hammer and it should punch the drainage hole out.

Reinforce the Inner Box

Concrete planter

Lastly, follow the directions on your concrete and then pour it into the space between your molds!

Looking at how it turned out, even though it’s not even on the inside I really like it. Next time, I need to reinforce the inner mold better because it caved quite a bit to the inward pressure of the concrete mix.

What do you think of my triangle planter? Are you going to make one, too?

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