How I Stopped Living Like a Vampire and Came into the Light

For years I lived in darkness, away from the sun in my tiny apartment. I’d forgotten what it was like to feel the sun’s rays in my home until I discovered something magical.

I’m not a real vampire, but I lived like one for a long time in my little apartment.

This was me, before my privacy window film.

How I Stopped Being a Vampire and Came Into the Light

Hello darkness, my old friend.

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My living room faces the main courtyard of my apartment complex. This means that everyone passes by to get from the garage below to their apartments. They pass by on their way to work, on their way home, to leave the house, to do laundry downstairs. Everyone.

That’s a fair amount of traffic, and even though the complex is small, it’s still bothersome due to the lack of privacy.

So that meant that I had to keep my blinds closed pretty much all the time. Never fully able to enjoy the daylight. Sure, I’d be daring and open them, just a little, at a precise angle (see below) to minimize full views.

This angle is a little too wide.

But I was always aware of passers by as I sat on my couch lounging, and I’m pretty sure that they were aware of me because my sofa is right there. It’s only human nature to look in when you’ve got a full view, I’ve been guilty of that myself. :S I definitely became resentful that I couldn’t open them wide to let the sun in.

Some of the comments I used to receive about my living room were:

  • Why is it so dark in here?
  • It’s depressing
  • This is too dark

One day, it occurred to me while surfing Amazon for my next home improvement project, removable privacy window film stickers! Why didn’t I think of this before?

I had some concerns at first, and thought on it awhile. Was it actually possible to completely open up my entire living room window while still holding onto my privacy? Could I remove them later on? Yes!

Privacy window film screens are easy to install, you just need to set the time aside. You also need to give your windows a good cleaning and then size the screen to fit yours. Once the privacy window film stickers were on it completely transformed the way I felt about my living room. It revitalized the entire space and I’ve never looked back.

It stopped being a dark, depressing little apartment with low light and turned into a cozy and well lit area that my family now loves and enjoys often.

So, why did I decide to share this not so secret, secret? My hope is that some person, somewhere, that’s living a vampiric-like existence like I was, will be free from the dark and find his way into the light, too.

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Hello daylight.

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