How I Started Working from Home Using Law of Attraction

Working from home- how to do it!
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Are you working from home or trying to figure out how to do it, too? Welcome! This post is about how I started to work from home and tips on how you can get started down that path using the Law of Attraction! Yes!

Does it sound silly? I’ve been laughed at about the entire “manifesting” topic and while it may sound crazy, you can manifest things too! Read on to find out how I did it.

How I Work from Home

A little background on me: I’ve been telecommuting/remotely working now for about four years for my company.

And yes, sometimes I work in my pajamas, too. Okay, a lot of times I work in my pajamas because no one really sees me and it’s just more comfortable. In fact, I’ve yet to find incredibly comfortable work clothes that can beat the comfort of pajama bottoms. But that’s for another post.

When I Decided Working from Home was Possible

When I decided I wanted to do this, I’d been blogging for a few years.

My mantra was, “I’m working from home.”

When I created that intention, I wanted to work from home supporting myself via my blog. But I didn’t say it like that.

If you’ve followed this blog, you may know I’ve been blogging for many, many years now. NO, I don’t actually support myself through this blog (yet!). It’s more of a hobby site, at this point. Although it’s something I cherish and adore, so I keep at it, even though it basically pays pennies!

You can check out my blogging for income report on how much I make through this blog.

So even though supporting myself through this blog is what I always wanted, as you can see, it’s not the intention I put out there into the universe.

My intention was, “I’m working from home.” And that is exactly what I got! I really do now! I got what I wanted, even though it wasn’t in the exact form I wanted. And that’s what I discovered by using the Law of Attraction.

For me, it’s still sort of a win though, because this renews my hope that the Law of Attraction can make things happen. You can create just about anything you desire, too. The main key is being laser-sharp specific and having a clear picture in your mind of what you want.

Tips on How to Use Law of Attraction to Work at Home

  • Be clear and very specific on what you want. Don’t just say, “I work at home.” What do you do exactly to achieve it? Do you work at home selling gizmos on eBay or Amazon? Or will you blog about how to raise chickens? Do you give parenting tips on your own blog?
  • If you’re not clear, then you’ll get the easiest thing that the universe can think of. In my case, it was completely true because I didn’t specifically say, “I work from home via my blog” Even that can probably use some work as well. Such as, “I sell millions of copies of my e-book, Capricorn Man.” 😛

SO? What’s your opinion on using the law of attraction for this goal?


My unexpected journey- using the law of attraction to work from home!

Do You Want to Work in Your Pajamas, Too?

Share your very clear and specific intentions below! 🙂

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