A Cool Spider Halloween Wreath


Buy a spooky Halloween wreath to creep out your trick or treaters!

Do you love decorating your home for Halloween? What better way to welcome those trick or treaters than to decorate your door with a Halloween wreath?

If you are big on this fun occasion then you will definitely need something for your door. Whether you like spooky, super creepy or just fun and whimsical you will find something right here in our Halloween section (more to come)! Take a look below to take your pick from all the decorative door wreaths for sale.

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Make Your Own Cute Halloween Door Wreath

If you’ve ever wanted to make your own door wreath then take a look at this super quick and easy tutorial on how to make a cool spider wreath.

Supplies Needed for this Halloween Wreath

* Scissors
* Glue gun and sticks
* Feather boa in orange
* Large Black Pom Poms the size of golf balls (more or less)
* Black pipe cleaners
* Styrofoam wreath base
* Matching spray paint to match your boa (optional-see below)

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First you will need to get your boa and wrap it around your wreath base. The one in the video was wrapped all around from front to back but if you want to preserve as much boa as possible you could try to first spray your wreath base the same color as the boa.

This will allow you to just place it on the front and sides of your base and omit the back part if you want.

Next you need to make your spiders.

Take your pom pom and add some glue to the end of a pipe cleaner and then insert into your pom pom, repeating eight times to make the legs (4 on each side).

Lasty, you need to bend your legs to make them look like legs and you are done with it.

Attach your spiders to the wreath with glue and get ready to hang!

How to Make Your Halloween Door Wreath for this Spooktacular Occasion

See this helpful tutorial on how to make a spider completely out of pipe cleaners.

Hint: Once you’ve finished, don’t forget that you need some way to hang up your door wreath. You might want to add a ribbon hook on the back with hot glue so you can hang it easily.

Get Ready for Those Trick or Treaters

Halloween Wreath
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