Halloween Decoration Ideas

Do you need some Halloween decoration ideas for you home? Take a look at some pictures to give yourself some inspiration to decorate for All Hallow’s Eve!

It’s such a festive time and one that’s full of color, don’t be afraid to be creative and set your home apart from all the other’s on the block.

halloween bat decoration

Bats! I love how these look. Set the scene for those trick or treaters by stringing some bats on your tree! This will work equally well dangling them off of your porch. If you don’t have any trees you can always get a large basket and fill it with tall/dead braches and string a few of the bats from the branches. Place on the side of your door.

halloween pumpkins

1. White Artificial Pumpkins

2. Solar Lighted Pumpkins

3. Lighted Pumpkin w/ Owl Mask

This owl guy is adorable. Decorate your porch or pathway with plenty of pumpkins to celebrate or light the way to your doorway. If you’d rather have something a bit simpler then opt for plain pumpkin and mix it up with a few others!

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Halloween crows on pumpkins

Black Crows for Halloween Decorating

Make Your Own Graveyard

halloween graveyard decorations

1. Mossy Celtic Cross Tombstone

2. Mossy Bat RIP Tombstone

3. Creepy Zombie Hands


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trash bag spiderwebs

Learn how to make these trashbag spiderwebs on HGTV.com

Guess what these are? These are homemade spiderwebs made from those big, black trash-bags. It’s a really creative way to use them for something you can store for next year!

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halloween pumpkin door

Image from WomansDay.com

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