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Looking to find a beta reader? Do you want a beta reader that will give you honest, constructive and helpful thoughts on your story? I’m your gal! I will give you an in-depth analysis as well as honest feedback for your novel.

Why Hire a Beta Reader?

Congratulations, you’ve done it! You’ve finished your manuscript and are ready for ways to polish your book and take it to the next level.

Friends and family will only tell you so much because they’re close to you. Maybe they’re not really giving you a thorough critique? Allow me to help you.

If your goal is to sell copies of your book and help it be wildly popular, then a beta reader can be an essential part of your team. Beta readers can help catch plot holes and provide feedback to assist in improving your work and helping it shine for the next revision.

Revision is where the magic really happens!

A beta reader can help give you that second set of eyes to point out inconsistencies or things you possibly missed in the initial drafting stages.

That’s where I come in. I love reading and diving headfirst into books. Let me assist you in your journey to publication by giving you the constructive, helpful feedback you need to push your book to the very top.

Lets work on getting your story to fulfill its ultimate potential.

I’m a bookworm at heart and absolutely love romance novels (any heat level), but I read anything from Science Fiction, Young Adult to Crime/Mystery.

In addition to your reader report, if you’re concerned about anything in particular and want me to look out for it then let me know! I’ll work with you to help point out sections that can be improved.

Would You Like A Free Beta-Read Sample?

Submit up to 2000 words of your manuscript below, and I’ll send it back with my in-line comments to show you how I work.

beta reader services


What does a Beta Reader do?

A beta reader will give you input on your story. This is best done while you are still working on polishing your book. It’s usually best to have three to five beta-readers look over your manuscript.

That way, you get well-rounded reactions, and if you see repeated comments from several, you know what may need more work.

Will you share my work with others? Absolutely not. I value your privacy and your work, if needed I will sign your Non-Disclosure Agreement. I’m a writer as well, and I know what it’s like to put your trust in someone else to keep your work private and confidential. Once submitted, your work will never be shared with anyone.

After I’ve sent back your manuscript with my comments it’s deleted off my computer.

beta reader services

What’s included in your reader report?

Your detailed beta reader report will include my feedback on the story as a whole, its flow, plot holes, scenes that I thought moved too slowly or dragged, questions on character motivations, how certain lines/scenes made me feel or how I interpreted them. I’ll present the questions that I have through your manuscript. My goal is to help you make your story shine.

What the beta reader service does NOT include.

This isn’t an editing service, so grammar and punctuation issues won’t be addressed.

I won’t re-write passages or dialogue. However, I may provide suggestions in the comments for improvements.

How much are your beta reader services?

How long will it take to get my beta reader report back? My turn around time depends on the package your choose. Take a look at them here on my Fiverr gig.

Do You Beta Read Non-Fiction?

At this time, I’m only accepting fictional work.

Do You Beta Read Horror? No horror novels at this time. 🙁

Are You Ready to Submit for Your Beta Read?

Free Beta Reader Sample

Are you unsure of whether we’d work well together? I understand the nervousness involved. 🙂

If you’d like to see how the process works then submit up to 2000 words of your manuscript below, and I’ll send it back with my in-line comments to show you how I work. Please double check your email address to verify it’s correct.

Also, if you have any questions on the process please feel free to ask away! No matter what you choose, I wish you the best of luck on your novel-writing journey. 🙂

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