Decorative Fall Wreaths for Your Front Door

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As the fall approaches our minds naturally begin thinking about various holidays and celebrations ahead. The change in the world’s colors all around us inspire all manner of fresh decorations including door wreaths for autumn.

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Wreaths make a perfect addition to your indoor and outdoor décor because they’re so flexible. You can choose or make ones that reflect personal hobbies, favorite sports, an upcoming family gathering, or a festival and re-use them for years to come.

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Football & Hockey Wreaths

For the sports lover in your life, assemble an autumn wreath reflective of the football and/or hockey season. Craft stores carry all kinds of miniature sports items, some of which even have the markings of a local favorite team. For the football wreath, find a child’s size football to hang in the middle surrounded by helmets, doll-size jerseys, etc.

For hockey, look for a solid round backdrop that you can paint black to look like a puck, then add little sticks and other elements from the game.

Fall Wreaths to Celebrate the Season

Fall Wreaths
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One way to bring a little of the outside into your home is by creating a fall leaf wreath, filled with all those wonderful rich autumn hues. If you want a wreath that lasts, use silk leaves instead of waxed ones. Add to this array miniature plastic apples, grape bundles and corn, alongside other traditional harvest representations.

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Thanksgiving Front Door Wreath

On these fall wreaths, turn a hay wreath into a cornucopia of Earth’s bounty. Put a small cornucopia at the top tilted so that it looks like its spilling. Then starting in the opening, fill out the rest of the wreath with bundles of nuts, fruit, sprigs of silk hay and maybe late blooming flowers in between.

Leaving space for fresh flowers allows you to choose those that pick up the colors in and around your home, while also acting as a type of aromatherapy. Florist shops and craft shops have special add-ons suited for retaining water for individual or group blooms.

Fall Wreaths
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Buy a Halloween Wreath for Your Front Door

What would fall be without a little bit of whimsy come Halloween? Create a display of tissue ghosts, witch’s hats, miniature brooms, and pumpkins around your wreath, perhaps interspersed with wrapped candies.

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The History of Wreaths

Many of us do not realize that when we use wreaths in our home we’re partaking in a venerable tradition. You can look to Ancient Rome and Greece and see wreathes on the heads of leaders and sports victors where it symbolized success and power. With this in mind, many modern Olympic depictions include wreaths of either olive or laurel.

Today we have many more base materials from which to choose including natural and artificial, and wreaths are not always round. This is where you can let your creativity and vision guide you, making or finding just the right fall wreath for your decorating scheme.



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