Eyebrow Shaping Tips

eyebrow shaping
The eyebrows frame the face and if not done correctly, can either make you look too angry, surprised or confused! Eyebrow shaping can really help to soften your look (if your brows are too flat) or they can help even them out if too sparse by filling them in or lengthening them.

If you are a total beginner and need some help or tips on shaping, grooming and creating a better set of eyebrows then take a look to find some excellent tutorials and products that will help you below.

The videos chosen are some of my favorites and have really helped me to sculpt and refine my brows. I hope you enjoy this page!

Featured: Too Faced Eyebrow Shaping Kit


Have You Ever Shaped Your Brows Before?

Have you ever shaped your eyebrows before?

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Eyebrow Shaping Kits for Beautiful Brows

eyebrow wax pencilHopefully, you don’t over do it! We all know what a mistake it is to over-pluck.

I’ve been trigger happy before with my tweezers so I try to just set aside one day a week to make sure they are shaped well. I’ll also pluck strays every other day. How about you?

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Changing the Way Your Face Looks

Did you know that the closer together your eyebrows are, the narrower your nose looks? Take a look at how changing the spacing can really change how your face looks.

If you feel like your brows are too close together or too far apart then check out what a difference it can make to give them more room.


Have You Ever Overplucked Your Eyebrows?

Have You Ever Overplucked Your Eyebrows?

View Results

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Shaping with a White Pencil and Tweezers

I really like this video because it takes you through the steps to shape your eyebrows (working with your own face shape) easily with a few tools.

To do this you will need a white eye pencil, some great tweezers (Anastasia or Tweezerman are great). I LOVE my slanted Tweezerman Tweezers, they work so well and they are quite sharp so be careful. They make tweezing incredibly easy and as painless as possible and they get out all those annoyingly tiny hairs that are not long enough to reach with regular tweezers.


Too Faced Brow Envy Kit

Too Faced Brow Envy Kit
This is the Too Faced Brow Envy Shaping and Defining Kit. It comes with brow stencils (you pick the one that you like the best), brow wax, brow highlighter, brow pencil in two shades, professional tweezers with an angled brush and a brow comb.

With Brow envy you simply pick the stencil that you prefer and start shaping your brows for the best look for your face.

I own one similar to this. The wax is incredibly helpful and keeps stray brows in place!


Shaping Tutorial

This tutorial is also excellent.

Anastasia Brow Kit

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Learn How to Shape

Before I saw this video, I honestly had no idea how to shape my eyebrows. Watching it made things so much easier. I really had a lightbulb moment, I hope it helps you too. I loved the way my eyebrows turned out after following this method.

One thing that’s important to note is that she fills them in FIRST and then plucks afterward to get the shape she likes. Before I started doing this, I was clueless and was plucking like crazy without a proper guide! Stencils will also help as well, but I really like this method the best.


How to Fill In Sparse Eyebrows

Here’s an excellent video on how to fill your brows in. If you’ve ever over-plucked (Ahhhh!) or you just have naturally thin or sparse eyebrows then fear not! This tutorial will really save you. This girl is a real artist. She fills her brows in and even extends them to look naturally beautiful. I couldn’t even tell they weren’t that long.

One trick she does is to take her brow pencil and underline the lower half of her eyebrow. It gives the brow a clean, full look. Then, she lightly extends her brow outward. Take a peek for more.


Some of the must have items are:

To Shape You’ll Need:

* An angled eyebrow brush
* Eyebrow liner (a shade lighter than that of your hair) and/or eyebrow powder.
* Double Ended Eyebrow brush
* Templates (optional)
* Eyebrow Wax

I’ve used templates to start and they’re pretty helpful (especially) when you need some guidance about how high or low to arch your brows. After you get the hang of it, you’ll probably find you can do it alone. If you have a solid idea on your desired shape then skip the templates.

The eyebrow mascara is another very helpful tool. The clear is best because it helps keep those strays in place and will blend in with your current brow pencil or powder.

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