Enjoying Urban Walks

This is a simple pleasure of mine, what is one of yours?

One of the things I’ve discovered that I really enjoy are viewing houses, landscaping and just the exteriors of homes while on what I’m calling urban nature walks. These sometimes can be urban nature drives when they are further from my usual stomping grounds. While driving you can cover so much more territory! 🙂

I love viewing the different styles of homes and observing how they’ve designed their exterior spaces to make them more appealing. Anything that helps to increase the value of a home is a winner in my book. Here are a few of my favorite urban nature moments below and some of my favorite things.


branches on urban nature walk

fancy fence

There is nothing I love more than these fancy wooden partition fences. They’re just stunning and I always enjoy them on my urban walks. They’re the perfect barrier because they offer privacy and they’re sleek & stylish. I have a feeling that they also add value to the homes they enclose as well.

cat in the vent

Check out this cute, little cat. She’s just enjoying her view from the side vent of her house. She must live underneath the home.

Here’s more fencing I love around a home.

Share some of your urban walk stories or say hi!

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