Easter Egg Wreath

Easter Egg Wreath

Find a lovely Easter egg wreath for sale or something spring like to decorative your front door this year.

If you enjoy celebrating the Easter or spring season then get ready to celebrate this very special time by giving your door a wonderful decorative accent.

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This gorgeous wreath has been designed with pretty, colorful eggs that are entwined with pretty spring flowers as well as twigs and vines. It’s appropriate for indoor use and if using outdoors it should be shielded from the elements.

What a warm way to welcome your guests into your home during the warm, spring months!



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Ideas to Make Decorative Easter Wreath Designs

If you would like to make your own Easter Egg wreath then here is how to do it. All you need are your supplies like a wreath ring, Easter eggs or any type of decorative accent bird egg that reminds you of spring.

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What You Need to Make Your Own Tulle Easter Egg Wreath

Styrofoam wreath base
Tulle in assorted colors
Decorative Easter eggs and other accents
Decorative ribbon
Hot glue gun and glue sticks



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First you will need to cut pieces of tulle for your wreath base. Remember to measure as you want the pieces to be long enough to be able to tie them around your wreath! You will need quite a few of them so make sure to get several yards of each color (if you are using multiple colors.

You want the wreath to look full and fluffy like in the video. You can even alternate colors like pink with purple and even green for a “springier” effect.

Take your pieces of tulle that you have cut and start to tie them around your wreath base. Start at the back and tie in front. Secure the knot with glue at base to keep the tulle from shifting. Once you have it all covered, you can fluff out the tulle to make sure it looks nice and full.

Use your glue gun to add your eggs and any other pretty ornaments to the wreath. Add your ribbon (secure well with glue) to the back so that you can hang and you are done!


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