Do You Dress Your Boyfriend?

Have you ever wanted to pick out clothes for your boyfriend and really style him? Have you ever?

About a year ago, my boyfriend mentioned that he’d like me to pick out things for him that I’d like to see him in. I didn’t really follow through then because I wasn’t sure what to make of it. Was he serious? **scratches head** Did he really want me to pick out some outfits for him? I have to admit, it’s always been something I’ve secretly wanted to do because I have specific tastes and just love the way a well dressed man looks.

For some reason, he seems to like the idea and I feel incredibly flattered that he trusts my judgement. Sooo.. before he changes his mind, I’m going to have some fun with it.

He has a very basic wardrobe, so I thought I’d get ready for an early Christmas and start him with a few nice pieces. He really needs more items to work with. I’m thinking to add a cardigan, more t-shirts, a pair of boots, jeans and a biker jacket (see below). For me, those are easy because you can mix them up and then layer with other items.

Here are some of my outfit ideas below for him because I know the stuff he’ll look great in. I happen to think he’ll look good in a paper sack, but I can’t have him walking around like that. 😀

I’ve chosen Ryan Gosling as my fashion guy because I really love his style and he sure is easy on the eyes. Am I right?

So, does your man let you pick out his outfits or enjoy your suggestions? Even if he doesn’t, what would you like to see him in? Share your ideas below!



My guy already has a jacket like this. I think it’s just a matter of pairing everything together.

I love this cardigan with the white tee underneath.


I love the biker jacket. This is a must and I’ve already ordered the one I like for him. I can’t wait to see it on him. 🙂

Check Out More Ideas on My Pinterest Board.

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