Diaper Wreath

Do you want to make your own or buy a diaper wreath? Here is where you can find some super cute diaper wreaths for sale online. See below for your selection of wreaths to welcome baby.

Diaper wreath for sale
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How to Make Your Baby Diaper Wreath

Steps to Make It

Here are the supplies you will need:

* Scissors
* Decorative curling ribbon
* Baby Diapers (for newborns) or you can substitute diapers for washcloths
* Baby products to decorate it (lotion, bottles, teething rings, toys, etc.)
* Wreath ring

You can either buy your own wreath base of your preference or you can also make your own for cheap. See the Patriotic front door wreath for a how to on making your own with foam board!

How To Make this Front Door Wreath
Step by Step

make a diaper wreath
Next you need to lay out your wreath base and get the diaper and unfold it as shown.
make a diaper wreath
Next, wrap the diaper around your wreath and close it.
make a diaper wreath
Cinch the diaper with either a small rubberband or your string, curl the string to make it look pretty!
make a diaper wreath
Keep adding all of your diapers ensuring the wreath is completely covered.
make a diaper wreath

Once you have covered the wreath then add your items to it! For a bottle just wrap your string around it and then tie securely to your wreath. Twine the excess ribbon!

Diaper wreath for sale
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You can even add a bow to the top if you want. You might also want to choose one larger item to display as your focal point like a toy or something cute. You can create some very elaborate wreaths as well with grossgrain ribbon twined into the diapers.

Where Can I Buy a Diaper Wreath?

While wreaths like this can take some time and money to plan, you can also try buying one already made online. View the Ebay listings for deals and sales.

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