Decorate Your Ikea Side Table


Turn your plain Ikea side table (or any simple table) into something a little fancier using mosaic glass pieces. If you want to make your boring table stand out a little more then follow along on how to decorate it easily.

I currently live in Los Angeles and when I first moved here, I discovered something amazing about the people that live here.

They put things out that they don’t want on their sidewalk and give others a chance to pick them up. I never noticed this in Texas but maybe it’s because I wasn’t paying much attention then! =D

Either way, I couldn’t resist snagging this piece of sidewalk treasure and turning it into a fun project. Check out some more DIY projects.

What You Need to Decorate Your Ikea Table

For this diy design, I used small squares of cut out mosaic glass and glued them in rows along the sides of the table using clear silicone adhesive.

Warning: this isn’t something you’ll want around small children as it doesn’t have smoothed out edges. Still, it was fun to make and I love looking at it. It’s also very useful and more pleasing to the eye than before. I love the mirrors all around it!

I keep this in my bedroom as a spot to stack books and other bedroom items.


  • All Purpose Clear Silicone
  • Silicone Gun
  • Small glass mosaic mirrors (I purchased these from ebay)

Ikea Side Table “Before”

Here is what it looked like before I painted it. I forgot to get a full picture and only remembered when I started to paint it. 😀 It was a mocha/black color and had quite a few scratches and scuffs on it. I knew it wouldn’t show after several coats of paint.

Here is another painting project with a wooden apple box. See some ideas on how to incorporate one into your decor easily.


After Three Coats of Paint

Here it is after multiple layers of paint. I could have left it as is, but I knew when I saw it that I wanted to decorate it.


Start Laying the Glass Tiles

I used the silicone gun and drew a short line starting at the top. I didn’t make it flush with the top for a very good reason. These pieces are made of glass and I wanted to keep the edges from being too sharp.

Start laying the tiles out and smoosh down. The silicone dries clear so even if it spreads out from underneath the tile, it’s not likely to show up.


Here it is after one full row. It takes some time to go all around the table. I did this over a few days but you can probably keep layering if you feel up to it.


Almost Finished

Two full rows of mosaic glass all around. I could have stopped here but I decided to finish it up.


The Finished Ikea Side Table Project


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