Country Life

Visiting home again. I thought I’d catch you up to speed on life out in the country in Texas. It’s super peaceful and very quiet (when the cats aren’t fighting with each other) and you can spend the entire day just maintaining the land if you wanted to. It’s basically a full time job!

Here I am working hard picking flowers. 😛

Today, I spent several hours gathering fallen pieces of mesquite branches for a fire by the fire pit tonight. I thought it’d be fun to sit out and watch the stars and the teeny light bugs that like to visit every so often.


These are just a few of the pieces I found. There was so much more (I took the job very seriously) but it was too hot to continue replenishing my stash.

Isis, one of the “ferocious” country cats. He seems to enjoy walking with us around the property.

wild sunflowers


My sister and I walked the road and picked some sunflowers and other wild flowers. Some of these grow like weeds and might even be weeds but I think they’re so lovely. What do you think of my arrangement?

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