Cotyledon Orbiculata cv Variegated: Succulent Dropping Leaves!

Cotyledon Orbiculata cv Variegated is my new purchase. At this point 6/7/19, it’s a rare find in the USA and expensive! My initial goal was to propagate and then sell for some extra money in the future.

If you have a succulent dropping leaves then follow along to see how this plant survives from over-watering. Can it come back after too much water?

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When this plant first arrived it was gorgeous, healthy and just happy looking (pic above), even after its long wait in a dark box to clear customs! I received it around late May 2019, and sadly, I’ve struggled with it as you can see below. All of its fat leaves dropped. Eek!

If you have a succulent dropping leaves then follow along to see how this cotyledon survives from over-watering. Can it come back after too much water?
This is how my succulent looks now! 🙁 6/7/19

I’m documenting the progress here on my cotyledon orbiculata cv variegated in the hopes of helping someone else and just to show you more about this rare, little beauty. Plus, I’ll discuss what I’m doing for extreme leaf dropping. Will it work?

Do you think she’ll survive? Follow along and let’s find out, your guess is as good as mine. Take the poll below and give me your opinion!

Will this Succulent Survive? Take the Poll.

Will this Cotyledon Orbiculata cv Variegated Survive?

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Why Do Succulent Leaves Drop?

There are tons of articles online that cover leaves dropping off a succulent so I won’t go into all that, but the main takeaways I learned were over-watering!

Yes, in my case, I believe I’ve over-watered this formerly fat plant. Every time I moved the pot around, it seemed as if another chubby leaf dropped!

When succulents drop leaves. I'm definitely going to try and propagate these guys, but this plant is tricky for me. Stay tuned for the progress on this succulent!

Leaf Drop Rescue Plan!

As you can see from the picture above, this cotyledon orbiculata lost all of its plump leaves. All. Of. Them.

I’m pretty heartbroken at this. 🙁

Now, I’m currently trying to propagate the leaves that dropped off, but even those are posing tricky for me.

The main goal right now is to save this plant from dying. I stopped watering it, as of now it’s been about 2.5 weeks since watering. I’m hoping this will give it a nice dry period and give the roots a big break from my previous over-watering efforts.

If you have a succulent dropping leaves then follow along to see how this cotyledon survives from over-watering. Can it come back after too much water?

Before this, I was watering once a week, when I should have waited a while and let the plant guide me. I believe that this was my mistake.

I’m debating whether to take the risk and move her outside. I’ve kept her indoors and a part of me wonders if she doesn’t like it in here.

I have a plant grow light just for her, she’s in succulent soil, I’ve stopped watering, so right now it’s just a waiting game to see how she responds!

Have You Ever Had a Succulent Survive Over-Watering?

Have you ever had a succulent survive over-watering?

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If you have a succ dropping leaves then follow along to see how this one survives from over-watering. Can it come back after too much water?
I’d love to get my succulent back to this!

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8 thoughts on “Cotyledon Orbiculata cv Variegated: Succulent Dropping Leaves!

  1. I hear they are winter growing plants . So the summer is not the right time to buy. I also made this mistake and the exact same thing happened to me. I might try to fork out a fortune again this winter when it’s growing season and see if I might have better luck.

    1. Thanks for the comment! I know I’m going to buy again come Fall/Winter, too. I just hope the next one survives and that buying then will make a difference in survival rate.

      1. This happened to mine also I removed from soil November and placed in just water in a plastic cup by then I was left with just stem and 2 leaves!! 1 leaf dropped but now February 2020 i still have 1 leaf but have 2 baby ones growing ?not sure whether to just leave in water indefinitely and see what happens ?

        1. Oh Wow! Andrea, it’s great yours is surviving. I’ve read that they are VERY slow growers. If it’s doing well in water then maybe just leave it there. Did yours have root rot? Mine definitely did but unfortunately, it was too far gone and I lost it. 🙁

          1. Hi, jeannie sorry for very slow reply only just seen not sure how to post pics on here but glad to say have about 5 leaves growing now!! Still too scared to plant back in soil so I think I will just keep in water and see how she goes ??

          2. Oh wow!! That’s great Andrea. I’m so happy to hear that. Gosh they seem so delicate and picky. I’ve learned they are winter growers so that seems to be the time they shoot out more roots and leaves. Good work keeping yours alive. I’ve been wanting to get another so badly, but I’m just worried with this pandemic and the shipping problems it’s a bad time. 🙁

  2. I have the light variegation of this plant (cotyledon orbiculata cv). I got it from a Chinese eBay seller (wouldn’t recommend buying plants from unknown foreign sellers). The plant came in a styrofoam box wrapped in clear packing tape. The lable on the box said that the contents were a toy (gotta get through customs somehow?) The plant was in-between two layers of plush stuffing, interesting packing choice, but it was in one piece.

    I took the plant out and a leaf fell off. I panicked a little but told myself that it would be okay because I could just propagate it. I lost 5 leaves in the process of trying to plant this little thing. Luckily it only had a pricetag of $15, nothing compared to it’s dark variegated counterpart (the one you purchased) but it killed me nonetheless.

    I waited anxiously for the leaves to propagate, as they were all clean cuts, but they all died. I was crushed. The original plant is still alive and well it’s just missing a bunch of leaves on the bottom with no sign of growing them back.

    Cotyledons are winter growers so I wouldn’t be surprised if your little guy doesn’t grow much until the winter months. Mine has grown a few new leaves on top when I put it in full sun, I would suggest doing the same. I have it planted in one part commercial succulent soil and one part perlite and the plant is doing well. Good luck with yours!

    1. Hi Iona,
      Thanks for the comment. 🙂 I have another post update on this plant coming, unfortunately it didn’t make it! 🙁 I was pretty heartbroken and I think if I get another I’ll do a few things differently. I had the exact same experience with the fallen leaves. These suckers did NOT want to grow. They either dried up or rotted when I tried water propagation. I’m glad yours is doing well though.

      I also have the non-variegated cotyledon and it’s doing well outside. The variegated ones are a mystery to me for now.

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