Cotyledon Orbiculata CV Variegated and Root Rot

Cotyledon orbiculata cv Variegated suffering from stem and root rot from overwatering. Once I dug this up, I realized what was wrong with it.

Today is a sad day because if you’ve followed this post on Cotyledon Orbiculata Succulent dropping leaves, you’ll know I’ve been trying to figure out how to save this plant from dying. Well.. this plant died. 🙁 Below are the methods I took to save it and a big tip for next time, in case it happens to you.

The Withhold Water Approach

Recap: My original plan was to stop watering and wait for this succulent to recover. By that I mean, I kept watching it to see what it would do. After 4 weeks of non watering (thinking, surely this needs water NOW), one of the leaves started to shrivel.

Cotyledon orbiculata cv Variegated suffering from stem and root rot from overwatering.
Here’s what it looked like right after I watered it after waiting almost 4 weeks! I should have noticed the darkness at the soil line earlier.

So, I took this as a sign from my cotyledon orbiculata saying, “YES, please water me now!” So I did and was happy that I thought I finally understood this plant. Well, I was wrong.

Digging up the Cotyledon Orbiculata Succulent to See Its Roots

After giving it a nice drink, I inspected it two days later, and another leaf shriveled up! Oh my God. This shouldn’t have happened. : /

I remembered a youtube video or an article somewhere once that basically said, “don’t be afraid to dig up your succulent to inspect its roots when something is wrong with it.”

So, on the advice of that wise sage, I dug the succulent up and out it came ( way too easily). It’s roots were all gone and the stem was indeed rotting and mushy! I’m upset with myself, and really wish I’d done this a lot earlier. But I didn’t, and here I am with this succulent with a rotten stem on my hands.

The only option left, was to cut off all the dead tissue in the hopes that it can recover.

Cotyledon Orbiculata Cut Down to the Stub!

Here it is completely down to a tiny stub. 🙁 This is all that i could salvage and unfortunately, this didn’t make it. Cotyledon Orbiculata are winter time growers and since it’s late summer now 9/2/19, this little guy just gave out.

I’m bummed that I lost the entire plant. Who kills a succulent? Well.. I do. But here is a take away for you if you’ve got a succulent doing badly.

Dig it up and inspect its roots.

If I would have done this sooner, maybe she would have survived.

I’ll probably try buying another in winter time in hopes of making this work because I really want one of these in my succulent collection.

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