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Find some of the top Christmas wreaths for sale online to outfit your home with a beautiful front door wreath.

The winter holidays offer so many wonderful opportunities to “deck the halls” including hanging wreaths. While some people think of wreaths as just door decorations they can be used in many other ways, indoors and out. Buy a wreath to hang on the ends of your fence with lights laced in between, for example. Or, put one on the Yuletide table surrounding a fruit bowl, candles, or other centerpieces to make your dining more festive.

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Color your Christmas with a Decorative Wreath

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The predominant colors for the winter holiday season are green, red, silver and gold. Many craft stores offer artificial wreaths already colored in various hues, but if not it’s easy to spray paint prefabricated wreaths in whatever base color you want.

One of the most flexible elements to add to your foundation is wired ribbon. This comes in different widths, patterns and colors so you can match it to your indoor or outdoor décor. The wire in the ribbon allows it to be secured to the wreath without more florist’s wire.

Around the ribbon add small, round ornaments and a final bow – and you have a simple, inexpensive wreath that you can adapt in future years. For example, say you have a new siding or trim color added to your home. Remove the previous ribbon and replace it with a complementary color and you’re done!



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Ideas for Themed Christmas Wreaths

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Another way to decorate your holiday wreath is by choosing a theme. Not sure where to begin? Here are just a few ideas:

  • Santa: small classic images of Santa Klaus, elves, tiny wrapped boxes, and reindeer “flying” around the outer edges
  • Snow: Use an evergreen base and coat the outermost tips with fake snow and glitter. Decorate with snow people made from painted Styrofoam. Use your ribbon for a “scarf” and add little mittens and sleighs.
  • Lights: Take a string of colored lights and secure it in your wreath. These look stunning outdoors particularly against a snowy or white backdrop. Note that you can sometimes find lights with music. In this case add decorative touches that reflect the song. For example, “Angels we have Heard on High” would depict angels and gold and silver trumpets.
  • Religious iconography: get symbols from the various faiths that have a festival during this season and use them to make an interdenominational wreath. Here the ribbon represents the underlying ties between all Paths.
  • Popcorn, cranberries, beads: Great for kids. Have them make short strings of popcorn, cranberries and beads that you secure to the wreath as a family project.
  • Have some fun with your kids and make a Pine Cone Wreath.

Christmas Wreaths
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The Advent Wreath

One very traditional Christmas wreath is the one used for celebrating Advent, although its origins may tie to early sun worshippers lighting candles on a wheel, encouraging the sun to return to its rightful place of power in the sky during the long, cold winter.

In terms of Advent proper, historians believe this custom probably began in 16th century Germany in both Catholic and Lutheran homes. Come the yearly 1800s Johann Wichem, a German theologian and missionary, created a wreath that he used to educate children about Christmas. The table wreath bore a clever design that could house four white candles for every Sunday up until Christmas, as well as red candles in between the four – one getting lit daily. This created a beautiful centerpiece and has remained popular among Christmas wreaths even to this very day.



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