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How to Make an Ornament Christmas Wreath

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The fun thing about making your own wreath is that you can customize it to suit your tastes. Follow along with this great video or read below to make it step by step or you can also click on the links below or above to buy a wreath!



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How To Make a Christmas Door Wreath Tutorial

Supplies for A Decorative Door Wreath Like This One

* Plenty of Christmas ornaments (plastic) of your choice (at least 80 or so) depending on size of wreath
* Glue gun with glue sticks
* Filler items like garland to match and smaller mini ornaments
* Wire clothes hanger
* Any other small decorations you want to add
* Pliers (optional)

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Other Ornament Wreaths

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First, you need to grab your wire hanger and bend it into a roundish shape. Use your pliers if needed to untwist the twined section because you will need it opened to insert your Christmas balls.

Once you have it opened you will then start to insert your Christmas balls or ornaments through the wire. But before you do any inserting you will need to re-inforce the balls with some glue. Depending on the kind of ornament you purchase, some of the small caps at the top will need some glue to keep the top from popping off. Add glue to the base to keep them from popping off because if they do then the ornament will fall right off your wreath.

You may have some trouble while first inserting due to the curved nature of the hook part of the hanger but keep wiggling it and it will go right through.

christmas ball wreath
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christmas ball wreath
Add the ornaments one by one

Use all of your ornaments in whatever pattern you like, you can alternate the colors or bunch different colors together if desired!

After you are done you will still have some gaps so fill them in with your tinsel and your much smaller ornaments.



Christmas Ornaments to Make Your Own!

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christmas ball wreath

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