Ceramic Mushrooms & More Mushroom Finds

ceramic garden mushrooms

If you are a fan of all things mushroom then welcome.

Here is where you will find some cute ceramic garden mushrooms or decorative garden toadstools to make your garden a whimsical little paradise. When I was little I used to love how the small garden mushrooms grew after it rained. Now you can add your own colorful faux mushrooms to jazz up your garden.

Feel free to dive on in to mushroom paradise. Let the mushroom hunting adventure begin.

Featured: Grasslands Road Mushroom Figurine


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Swirl Color Mushroom Yard Art Decor

colorful garden mushrooms

Decorate your front lawn or backyard with some cute little mushroom figurines. You can nestle a few of them here and there to help add some color and a whimsical feeling to your garden! Add a gnome or two for an even cheerier setting! Start your collection of cute mushrooms.


A Variety of Ceramic Mushrooms

It’s time to decorate your garden with some colorful mushrooms. Brighten up your outdoor space by nestling some of these cuties among your flower beds and rocks or even place them under trees for a whimsical look. Search through some of my favorite picks below. I just love all the colors.

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Look How Pretty They Look!

ceramic mushrooms in the garden


A Cute Toad Mushroom Home

Give a toad a home to call his own. What toad wouldn’t want to come home to one these adorable little mansions? These will be functional and look adorable in your garden. Nestle them into a shady area and keep checking back for those toads. They’re so fun to watch hop around the garden after a nice rainstorm.

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Decorative Garden Mushroom Decor


These were just adorable and they will look just fabulous in your garden among your flower beds or lining a walkway! Take a peek at some more cuties.

I can even imagine them nestled under a nice tree or maybe beside a barbecue grill. How cute are they?
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Cute Garden Mushroom Stool


Now here is something that you can sit down on! This large stool has been made to look just like an adorable and quite the colorful mushroom! Invite your guests into your garden and offer them a nice place to sit. This mushroom not only blends in with the outdoors but it gives such a charming feel and will make a great addition to your garden.


Colorful Garden Stakes

mushroom garden stakes

Add some different sizes and a rainbow of colors to your garden to give it more dimension. What can be cuter than a set of mushrooms staring right at you in the garden? I love how vibrant these look and they can be stuck in the soil easily with the spikes on the bottom.


Mushroom Topiaries

mushroom topiaries

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