5 Capricorn “Traits” You Should Know About

Do you want to know some common Capricorn traits? Capricorns are stereotypically thought of as the stoic, non-emotional icebergs of the zodiac and are known for a few of the strange or silly quirks below.

Are any of these new to you? What have you noticed about YOUR Capricorn friends, family or significant other? Are you a Capricorn? Share your favorite Capricorn traits below and let’s laugh or discuss them.

This is just for fun but if you know a Capricorn and recognize a few of them, comment below on your experience!

1. Capricorns are boring

I’ve seen it mentioned frequently on astrology forums. To put a more positive spin on this one though, I think that the right person won’t find their Capricorn boring. 😀 Is that you?

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They might even find their Cappy, dare I say it, fun. Caps prefer to present themselves in the very best light (don’t we all?), so know that there’s more underneath the surface of yours. He/she will open up when they are good and ready, not by force.

capricorn traits

2. Capricorns are all big cheapos?

Don’t say that to us, of course. Ah hem, I prefer the term “frugal.” Yes, some are pretty careful with their money and love to save and plan. My sister always rolls her eyes when I talk about saving and paying down my debt. Not all Caps are the same, though. Many Capricorns are known to be very financially responsible and enjoy counting money because then they can enjoy it with those they love. So what’s your Capricorn like?

For example, my boyfriend taught me a trick to squeeze every last drop out of my toothpaste tube. I gotta say, a tiny part of me fell a little more in love with him for showing this tip to me. 🙂 Anything to save money, right? It’s also very practical which many Capricorns love. So…. I think only a Capricorn would go wild over something like this.
Capricorns are very practical people.

Exhibit A- Before and After

capricorn traits

3. Capricorns are all quiet and introverted

Many Caps, I’ve noticed, are big time observers of people. Just because we don’t say a lot, doesn’t mean the wheels aren’t spinning around. I’d argue that most like to survey things or get the “lay of the land” and feel more comfortable before entering conversations. Usually a Capricorn will put in their two cents when asked for their opinion.

4. Capricorns are cold

We don’t have feelings and have icebergs for hearts. Didn’t you know? Not true, of course. 😀 Communicating with a Capricorn might be a problem, especially if you’ve come to expect an excessive amount of sympathy and hand holding. Caps may prefer to cut to the chase and help solve the problem.

If you don’t like that tactic then a simple, “I don’t need my problem solved, I just want someone to listen,” will do the trick for your Cap. Just don’t expect them to let you wallow in your misery forever. Caps can be tough on the outside and will approach problems in the same manner, by being what is perceived as “cold” or using some tough love with those we care deeply for.

Most are natural born problem solvers though, and prefer to provide solutions to solve problems. They’ll usually ask specific questions and then present an answer for you. They do it because they genuinely want to help you and care.

How do you get a Capricorn to talk? Ask him or her for some advice! Most Caps are natural problem solvers and really just want to help and be useful to those around us.

5. Capricorns are masters of the poker face

You could stand in front of one crying, breaking down, snot running down your nose and a Cap will still stare you down and not give you an inkling of how he/she is feeling. In fact, it may sort of make you wonder if this person is even alive. Why doesn’t he give you something, anything to let you know he’s understanding you. Rest assured, he’s alive. It might be that he/she is wondering how to solve the problem you’ve presented.

Have you had any run ins with a Capricorn? Is your experience completely opposite of this? Share below.

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